Advice on my first big boy pressure washer


true. hadn’t thought about that.


Buy you a 4gpm pressure pro belt driven with the cat pump. Cat makes great pumps in the smaller sizes. I have one that’s a misc. and a backup machine and it’s a great little machine. Mine actually flows a little over 5gpm. You can probably find one about the same price from most distributors but this is where I got mine -

However, what no one mentions is that whatever size you get, you really need a buffer tank or you’re going to have to shut the machine off anytime you stop shooting water for longer than a minute, otherwise pump will overheat. That’s a real PIA, so take Dan’s advice and build you a small trailer or just put a system in your truck with hoses and small buffer tank, a 50 will be fine.


If your near MI I’ll sell you a used Pressure Pro belt drive 4gpm with a CAT pump for $550. I’ll even meet you at the Indiana border. Works great, just sits in my garage as a back up


How many hours on it ballpark? That’s a heck of a deal if it’s in decent shape. Post a pic or 2.


That does sound like a good deal, but after gas and food and a hotel coming from Boston, I may as well buy a new one with warranty.


That is true lol


Can the electric start for the gx390 be retrofitted to a non-electric start motor gx390?

Also, are pumps standard/universal fit? Like if I do buy this one:

and the pump dies later, can I put a different brand of pump on it? or are pumps proprietary to the machine/frame that the maker of that unit decides to use?

Also, can an unloader be added to this unit as well, or does it have to be already on there when the unit is built/assembled at the manufacturer’s?


You could probably have it shipped to you for $100-$200.


No idea on hours, it was a craigslist find a few months ago. Seems to run good and pump works properly. I use stainless steel racks that my washer are bolted to on the lower level and upper level is the hose reels. This machine won’t fit, so I’m switching to another gear drive.


Build your own unit. Buy a base, an engine, and a pump. You will save enough doing that, that you can make up the difference with a pro-grade lance, and at least 200’ of pressure-hose. For the price of a heavy, ridiculous unit, you can build a similar or better unit, and add in all the things you need to not have to drag the heavy portable unit around.