About to buy a pump and gearbox


Wait…that job? $24,000 WTAF?! Wow.


We really had to push it to get it done that quickly and I had 2 guys on contract going hard.
If I left 3 guys there to do it by themselves on hourly rate I reckon it would have took double the time.
Btw I didn’t think they would take that price but hey , they did.
Sometimes i have a win.


@Jet-Away I apologize. I just saw this. Did you get it?


4k for a second hand seems a lot, the 690 costs 2k brand new add a pump and gear/pulley set up, seems like you would be around 4-4.5k for brand new.


Hey Steve - I’ve scoured the internet for months now and there’s not a single new GX690 set up for less than $6500 anywhere. If you know of a supplier, please do let me know!

Yes, the engine is $2000, but no muffler, no fuel tank - so closer to $3000 shipped. The Udor pump and gearbox over here is $2850, plus an unloader and other bits and bobs along the way - $6000+.

@Innocentbystander all good mate. I decided to stop the struggling and get more HP instead of thrashing the GX390 for either GPM OR PSI - can’t get both as you’ve said previously.


You can get disposable internet 8 gpm machines over here for $3k or custom rigs for $4.2k. But, y’all have the cool accents so it balances out.


muffler is $99 shipping to me is $115 to you probably $75, I am sure I have a fuel tank for a boat in the shed if not $50-60, set up $150 on steel to make up some kind of a stand for the whole unit.

Of the other option is get a non brand 20hp engine for $850 delivered + battery and fuel tank then buy a pump, I know if guys over here who use the spit water or bertolli pumps with great success and I am pretty sure they start around $1000


Hey mate :+1:t2:

Those $90 mufflers, are they from the US? The $90 ones here are knock offs, not genuine. (Genuine run about $215 plus shipping).

Not sure how true it is, but Honda say “Only Genuine Honda parts can maintain the original operating specifications of your Honda and warranty”. So I’d get genuine for the price difference.

I don’t mind building one if there’s a significant saving, but $2050 engine, $250 exhaust, tank $80, pump $1000, gearbox $400, unloader $150, steel $150 = $4080.

Then I have to order it all separately and build it.

That one I posted has good 8GPM Hawk pump and only 180hrs. On a GX690, that’s pretty much just run in, so I think it’s a good buy.

If it was closer!

I’ll keep an eye out for a $4000ish used one, can’t really afford $6000-$7000 at the moment :tired_face:


Are we talking AUD or USD here?


It’s AUD :+1:t2:


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