3M Headphones

I know its 2018… but i still use my SONY AM/FM radio that is easily 10 years old on every job, cutting my grass, or anytime i need music. Ever Since i fell in a pool a few weeks the earbuds i had in there went out… they were rusted in there and needed pliers to removes them. With new earbuds, one side still doesnt play.

Anybody use these? Hate to waste money, but would prefer both ears playing music and figured these 3M things might be a decent choice.

I had a pair. If i can find them I’ll send them to you. Heavy and make my b ears sweat. I have two sets of wireless ear buds. Each have about 6 hours of battery so 2 gets me thru the day

I use these the battery last all day . There Bluetooth and mostly waterproof . You can down load an app on your phone for almost any radio station.

I dont use my phone or whatever to go wireless…

Best music making/receiving device ever made… first one lasts me 3-4 years of 7 hr days at yhe golf course, and then it fell victim to an engaged fairway mower, then i got another… they dont make em anymore and above shows a decently cheap price for one.

@Innocentbystander ear sweat doesnt sound pleasant… do the 3Ms do well with reception?

I can’t really remember. I know you can’t hear your phone ring while wearing them

Good, phone stays in truck (and normally overheats) while on job so not a problem.

If u find them, let me know and we will work something out. This 1 ear nonsense isnt awful, but gets old.


Got these about 6 months ago, they work well and i can answer phone too.

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology


I never listen to music or wear hearing protection while washing. Maybe I am old school but I like to listen to what’s going on. Last week a jumper hose blew, if I didn’t recognize the change in the sound or lack of I could have been blowing water in places it’s not designed to be. The hose was less than one year old so don’t start. Anyway good luck