Good morning all,

We are a start up cleaning company from Nigeria. We still learning the ropes and hope to learn more from this forum. advice and suggestions on marketing are very welcome. Thank you.


Thank you Chris. I have been looking at your website. We are a just gearing to start up roof cleaning business in Nigeria. We are presently talking to some companies in the United States for equipment purchase. can you give us advice on the best roof cleaning firm we can talk to? we are presently talking to powerline industries for equipment purchase… please advice.

There are a lot of really good roof cleaning companies right here on this board. If you make a post with Roof Cleaning in the subject line requesting help, you will most likely get some good advice.

We do a bit of roof cleaning our selves, I am happy to help… But by know means an expert compared to some of the guys on here.

Chris, thank you so much for your advice and sincerity. I truly appreciate. Will do just that. We will like to register as PWRA member too.

The trick will be finding a company who will ship internationally.

Dear Thad,

We are already talking to a company that we will be buying equipment from. We will do the shipping. we want to be sure we are in the right hands and that we are getting a good deal.

Do you have a link to what you are buying?

Dear Thad,

we are talking to this company: http://powerwashindustries.com/

can you do soft washing with these equipments?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re buying, but probably so.

And, I’m not familiar with that company at all. I’m not saying they’re bad I’m just saying there are a few that are more well known.

Thank you Thad. I truly appreciate all the replies and advice you have given here. Can you give me a list of other companies I can reach out to? or better still you can give me a number I can reach you at. thank you.

Very few companies ship out of the contiguous 48 US states. I recommend Powerwash.com, a sponsor on this site. They have been around a long time and have an excellent reputation for customer service.
Also, Pressure Washing Resource Association members get 5% off of purchases.


Thank you for all the help so far. I have just registered at powerwash.com and believe me, I have seen the difference. I am going to compose a mail to them and give them details of what we want to purchase, what our company will be doing and see what we get back from them. Thank you once more.

Keep us posted on what you get!
[MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION] Keep an eye out for inquiries from Nigeria.

Dear Thad,

Thank you. I will keep you posted. I wrote Powerwash@powerwash.com three days ago but have not gotten any feedback from them but I had been worried, now I know why we did not hear from them [MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION] Keep an eye out for inquiries from Nigeria.) We are honest businessmen. You don’t judge a nation because of the activities of some of its citizens. We have been in contact with softwashsystems owned by AC Lockyer and Providenza Hall of Powerline Industries… We have been looking for the best people in the business so that we don’t make wrong decisions. [MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION] disappoints me!

Did I miss something? Mhinderliter hasn’t been around for a few days. Looks to me like thad told mhinderliter to look for your request. And for what its worth its a holiday, that being said maybe he hasn’t replied to you because he’s on vacation.

I have been doing a lot of research, it is a new industry in Nigeria and we want to be trail blazers. Thad has been helpful. maybe I read Michael Hinderliter’s quote wrong. I am sorry about that. I just look at it again and I think I took it misinterpreted what he meant. I didn’t know it was a holiday… just realised July 4 is your independence day. Happy holiday all. Once more, I sincerely apologise to Michael Hinderliter

I apologize for missing your email. We have been overwhelmed recently with inquires. I rarely see most of the emails that come into Powerwash.com but believe me if something gets missed and you bring it to my attention I will definitely do what we can to get you accommodated. I am not sure if our 800 number will work for you but you are welcome to call us as well at 1-800-433-2113. I will PM you my direct email address too. I am out of the office this week but can get in touch with the office to help you.