Your most common customer?

Your most common customer?

I’m curious what everyone believes to be their most common type of customer.


Gender: Woman
Age: 40 - 50
Income: 65K +

If you had to pigeonhole your most frequent customer into those three factors what would it be?

Here is a template for you: :slight_smile:

Gender: ?
Age: ?
Income: ?

Gender: Either/Or (Although I’ve typically had more calls from women)
Age: 40-60
Income: $100,000 +

It’s definitely easier to sell to someone who is loaded with cash. I did a 5,000 square foot paver house with the pool enclosure for $750 this weekend for a guy and gal who were in their 50’s-60’s and used to own a roof business. It was crazy how every time I upsold them they just said okay without even considering how much it costs. It was like money was absolutely of no concern. Went into a $500 job and left with $750.