Your favorite sales pitch?

With the 2019 season start soon we are looking to pound the pavement the last month and a half or so we have left of winter and see if we can drum up some more repetitive contracts and catch the attention of some business managers who have been less conscious of there businesses appearance in the past. As our usual process, we have some marketing material lined up we just need to get it in front of the right person. We have never done any “cold calling” of businesses in the past so i am looking for a little advice on getting our foot in the door of some places, setting up some sit down appointments and seeing what we can provide for them from there.

What technique usually works best for you when either reaching out via telephone or face-to-face interaction with management to get a sit down meeting scheduled?

Useing a real name instead of 46651441gvrnrjd8845 works


How about taking the minutes needed to pick a name and intro yourself


Sorry gentlemen, Im a 3 year member, as i had mentioned in one of my previous posts i use the “Spy” mode recently as we have found one of our competitors has been calling us AND searching our name on the forum to find out some info on our processes, pricing and companies we have been trying to work with.

Probably best to quit posting then. Hate to have you worried about internet competition


I don’t believe you. I don’t think anyone does. What “processes” do you have that are unique to you? Everyone in the industry does the same thing. Spray soap, rinse, collect. How are they going to find your pricing? Did you post a complete price schedule somewhere for every service you offer? Do you list every company you try to work with?

Sounds like a bunch of baloney.

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No one’s going to blame you for being selective about what information you choose to share on a public forum. But I think you’ll find that people are more inclined to share info with you if you at least provide a name.

I’m sure it all has to do with a “proprietary biodegradable cleaning solution”

Where’s that one cat with his special oxidizing soap that maybe one day he will share his secrets lol


In all fairness, y’all were hateful to him. I got the soap :slight_smile:


He gave the oxidation soap to the guy who won’t touch oxidation?


The pot just called the kettle black. :joy::joy::joy:

My best sells pitch is super secret. I got it from a 140 year old monk and I had to climb a mountain for 14 days with my hands tied behind my back to talk to him. This sells pitch works 128% of the time. I tell it to you for the low low price $3,486.72. But wait, there’s more! Also included is a sweater for your j-rod so it doesn’t catch a cold outside getting wet all day. This is a limited time offer and subject to change at any time.


Was this the monk?


I’m not getting this?

… previously on days of our powerwashing