Your biggest "OH CRAP" moment of 2018


Washed a house for a lady.
Loaded everything up got paid and headed home.
Go out later to unload truck. Start walking to my shed with my ladder which hangs on side of shed. As I round the corner I get sight of the shed and guess what? My ladder is hanging on the shed! Id loved to seen the look on my face lol.

I loaded the ladies ladder up and took it. It was laying right by the garage where I parked my truck and I just loaded it up and took it!

I called her up and said this is the guy that washed your house. And she’s like oh my I can’t believe how good of a job you done on the house. Its just amazing blah blah blah.
Then I’m like I’m so glad you are satisfied but we have one problem and she’s says what’s that.
I said I accidently stole your ladder when I left as I thought it was mine! It was all good. We laughed about it and I took it back. Stopped on the way at Dunkin Donuts and bought her a dozen of donuts to give her. She was so nice about it and was a good laugh. I was embarrassed tho having to return someones ladder!
Next day I got a call from her daughter to do her house! Ended up doing the paps house also.


Took on a huge strip/stain job roughly 1000sqft and three separate decks on the house. Turns out the deck was originally stained with oil, then deck paint, then solid color stain. Long story short there isn’t one chemical that will clean all this build up and I spent a week striping the deck when it should have been about a day n half work.

The homeowner did give me the can of the product on the deck didn’t thing about to ask about the last 5 applications that he applied it over…


Went to connect my supply water line and the water spigot snapped off in my hand. After finding the main shut off i spent the next 2 hours back and forth under the house and to the hardware store to fix it. Original builder had not attached Spigot to the house and the pvc line had gotten brittle.
Home owner was very thankful for the repair and will call me again next year for another wash. :grin:


I had a ladder hit a copper water main in a multiplex . 10 residents had no water . Cost almost $800 to get a plumber out there after hours. Nobody was all that upset because the plumber showed up really quick. Probably only out of water for an hour or so


I was cleaning some French pane windows on a repeat customers house, but she always wants different windows cleaned a lot of clean this one and this one, but not that one, do the outside on these but inside and out on these. So the bill is always different.

Anyway I cleaned them and then walked around to count them and was talking on the phone at the same time, added up to 624 panes @ .50 each $312. I told her and she paid me by check, I parked around the corner and deposited the check and was going to the next job. Started thinking, man that seems like a lot of windows considering what I skipped I started adding in my head and knew I screwed up.

Drove back to her house and recounted, it was 424 panes, I over charged her by $100. I knocked on the door and gave her $100 cash (since I already deposited her check) and explained my mistake.

She laughed it off and said I thought that sounded higher than last time, but what do I know.

Worked out good. Called me back again already for more work so win, win.



I quoted a $600 house wash on the wrong house. It was later when I went to clean the house, that I realized the correct house sat a few hundred ft. down a separate drive from the mailbox and it was smaller. The home owner wasn’t there, so I called and explained what happened and of course lowered my price. He laughed and said, well my wife thought your price was kind of high. Lol!


A couple of times I have started to wash the wrong house. I never made it to actual wash but I’ve setup at the wrong house twice before I realized.


Earlier this year I was washing a house I had washed previously. Only difference was they had a new heat pump and a/c unit installed. I wasn’t thinking, and started to wash without bagging and covering all electrical. Apparently, the installer didn’t connect the conduit that runs from the junction box to the unit, nor was it sealed correctly and secured to the house. After rinsing, I heard a loud popping and knocking sound, and the box had started smoking. I was just glad the homeowner was home to throw the breaker. Talk about scaring the crap outta you! I now double check all electrical before washing. The rain had never caused an issue at this house because the box was under the deck, and hardly ever got wet.


Homeowner gave me their neighbors address by mistake. I told her I would come by to inspect the property, take pictures and send her the estimate. I walked the property and took lots of pictures but was baffled by how clean the house was…Then when I pulled measurements from the county auditors website I noticed that the last name was wrong and I had the house next door. Needless to say, I wasn’t shot or yelled off the property in the end.


Earlier this year I had a house wash/gutter cleaning. I realized I had forgotten my ladder stabilizer and I needed to get on the 1st story roof to walk it and blow the gutters out. Like an idiot, I didn’t bungee cord the ladder to the gutter (even though the bungee cords were 50ft away in my trailer). As I was cleaning the gutters out the PW hose pulled the ladder over onto the ground. I was stuck on the roof.

As I dialed my wife at the same time swearing at myself at how stupid I was for being forgetful and lazy in the same day…I noticed a guy walking his dog in the cul-de-sac. I yelled out to him…he came over tied his dog around a post, and put my ladder back up. I just leave my stabilizer connected to my ladder now. That’s my loser moment for the year


Been there, done that. Stranded lol


Very little will make you question your life choices like being stuck on a roof will.


Buying a new piece of equipment and finding out my wife is pregnant with round two on the same day.


HAHA I’ve jumped off a ranch style roof once when I was stranded up top. The house I was cleaning was their summer home and not a soul in sight for miles. Wife was over an hour away and had jobs lined up all day. Needless to say mulch beds provide some sort of cushion when tucking and rolling.


Lol…yeah the way this roof was there’s was no way down except breaking something. The front of the house was one story but back sloped down to 3 stories. But I may have had to Mcgyver something if in your position in the middle of nowhere. I did try and use the pressure wash hose as a lasso and was able to pull the ladder all the way up to within 2 feet of my hand but that’s it…lol. I saw the guy walking his dog and jumped all over it for him to help. You do feel pretty helpless and stupid


Hopped in the back of the truck to get some water out of the cooler. I guess I forgot about having just mounted my ladder rack bent over in a hurry and it was lights out. Woke up on top of buckets in the back of my truck bleeding like crazy


I think i seen the pic of your head after that one.


Probably should have gotten stitches but I don’t do needles well


12/31/18. Purchased Twin City Pressure Washing, LLC from my old partner…
We started it together in 2011 and I sold my half in 2016. The 275th best pressure washer in the game is back. Cheers.


My first house wash job, a two story home. Read all the warnings on here from all the veterans against pressure, but right after reading that post from the guy in Canada who was having problems getting his mix right, I was having the same problem. Even 50/50 mix wasn’t getting the dirt off so I used the telescope wand and it was coming off like magic without SH until it lifted couple of their really nice/expensive shingles.
She was understanding and I bought the contact cement and a guy who was working on a nearby house fixed it. She gave me 4 stars on HA for quality.
Have to watch that pressure man.