Your best investment to date?

in your opinion: what is the best investment youve made in your business specifically to help with growth?

We are looking to expand MUCH further into the commercial side of things this up coming year and would like some pointers on how to obtain these repetitive contracts

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I started with a cold belt drive PW, about a year after I came across a good deal on a hot water rig… It opened up many doors… Commercial ect… Keeps paying off

for me it was marketing budget increase my 20% this year, more awareness = more business. It really is that simple. A lot of people overthink marketing, just flood the market with your name it’s never too much.

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Relationships… they will make your more money then any fancy machine or flyers

Treat your property managers well and don’t only contact them when you want work.

Send Christmas cards birthday card send them gift cards. Donuts etc

About 60k of our work this year is from cold call emails 2 years ago, and building relationships over the years.


My Website and it’s nothing fancy. It increased my business and keeps increasing it. I keep working on my SEO.