You told me so & BE Pressure

Ok. Uncle.

I ask myself, am I on dope or dogfood? I have tried every way but proven and efficient methods to get the job done with clean buildings as the result, but woefully dumb methods. Live and learn.

Now that window cleaning has picked up I can ask the questions that I should have been asking to begin with…

Such as…

How are BE Pressure machines? There is a local chemical supplier that is a dealer for these machines. They also assemble trailer units to order using Delco hot water machines. I have been getting 12.5 from them. The stock is always fresh. Anyhow, the machine they keep in stock is a 4gpm 3500psi Honda GX390 Belt Drive with a General TS 1511 Pump. Looks like a work horse, and they service the pumps with another shop close by that service Honda small engines. Both of these shops are less than a mile away from me. They also sell all the peripherals. The price is reasonable at $1450.00. I have also been looking at machines from Pressure Tek and others, but it seems that aside from frame, the components are pretty common for this level of commercial pw’ers.


Bepressure - Products

I have read that these are the specs that I really need to get working with any efficiency. I also realize that saving my dollars for a 5.5gpm or even an 8gpm is wise, but, it seems for $2000.00 I can get 200’ of hose, and other necessities to get started and as my business increases I can get a larger machine and have this as a back up. At this time, unfortunately, this is my budget.

I already purchased an x-jet for 3-4000 psi. I thought I would be renting a unit and didn’t know they pretty much all came with chemical injectors for downstreaming. I suppose it’s good to have this on hand. Can’t hurt, eh?

Is this sound thinking? I realize I may have demonstrated my feeble thought process in my earlier posts. Aside from the machine, hose, chemicals, and the x-jet that I have, what else do I need to to be able to continue to work on the acres of siding I have yet to clean?

Model info (link didn’t make the trip)

BE Pressure X-3513HWBGENCD

EB5525HG 5.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI GX390 Honda GP Pump -


I will need a buffer tank, no?

I would run a small one

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Full circle.

We are all wrong every day, whether anyone sees it or not. I can give credit to anyone who can man up and admit it.

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I have used BE equipment, including PWs and surface cleaners. I like them.

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My bad. That was supposed to be an edit, not a quote.

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I have a BE Cool Drive that I have been running from day 1 (10 years in biz). It has been a work horse. Made a lot of $ with it.
I better find some wood to knock on. HAHA!

I have a BE Whirl A Way that I have been using for about 6 years. Still has the same swivel in it that it had when I bought it.

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Thanks guys, and I appreciate the support and not letting me hang from the gallows for ever in this forum . ha!

Ok, I am pretty set on the BE unit, but this 5.5 pw’er from KEC is intriguing. For the uninitiated, is there a huge difference between 5.5 and 5 gpm? To run a 5.5 safely I will have to get a buffer tank and additional plumbing. The fly in the ointment for me is that the tank will not be in a fixed location, I will have to load and off load the tank every day that I have to rent a vehicle until I get a truck or a van (I use a Jeep Cherokee for window cleaning, but will be getting a bigger vehicle early this summer) where I can keep stuff like a tank in a fixed location. Does it make sense to go with a 4gpm unit that I can get from a local shop now, and then add an 8gpm unit when the expense is justified, or will I be regretting not purchasing the 5.5 unit in a month?

It shouldn’t take that long.

Rotflmao!!! Spot on Tim! Spot on!
I bought a 6gpm and already looking to buy an 8! Took about 4 months but I’m stubborn lol

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It will be worth it. I would much rather be working with a 5.5 then a 4 GPM.

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Can a 13hp motor drive a 5.5 gpm pump? Pressuretek’s mechine sports a 20hp motor.

Yes. It will just have 2500 psi instead of 3500 psi.

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What does a 1000 psi reduction mean in practice?

That you can’t tear stuff up as quick.