Xjet pickup disintegrating

For some reason the pickup on my Xjet M5 is dissolving. Big hole in the screen, green corrosion inside and what’s left of the 6% I was using was black with particles in it.

Still works but not sure what’s going on here.



Yes definitely. I’ve used it for about two weeks.

Do you rinse after each use?have you let it seat in mix residue after you done.sounds like sh ate away at it.but odd such short period if you keep it rinsed after use

Admittedly I didn’t rinse it off, surprised the materials used aren’t SH proof.

Sh is corrosive. It will eat away at most metals.even those that have somewhat of a tolerance will be destroyed if not rinsed thoroughly after each use.

You can use a pvc pickup with horizontal cuts in it as a replacement.


After using the xjet for the first time out of a bucket and it tipped, I purchased the pail for my xjet. You take the pickup off.

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Always run clean water through after downstreaming or xjet. SH some corrosive stuff

What do guys do with the rinse water? Dump it on the ground?

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When I’m done with my Xjet I emerge the whole thing in a clean bucket of water pour it out not that much sh to do any harm.run some fresh water thru it and go from there.

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I always flush my injectors as I’m running but never once in two years flushes my Xjet and never had issues. They are pretty durable. Get rid of that mesh screen filter…that’s your issue


You don’t need a filter on the xjet pickup. Just need to cut the end of your pickup hose at an angle so it doesn’t suction-cup itself to the bottom of your container.

Thanks guys, I’ll take it off and cut an angle into the hose.