X jett mix

Question. 1.6-1 is the ratio for an open orfice xjett with my machine. If im using straight 10%, what mix will this be?

Should be roughly 4%

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Yup. I figured out the math by extrapolating. Its 3.8. I want to get it down to 3% . With both 10% and 12.5% in a 5 gallon bucket.

Ratios are irrelevant in this field. Much easier to just go work and money, if that is the desired outcome.

I get that but i like a 3% mix as it works for me and with the new x jett i wanted to make sure i was not way to hot. Some people think 3% is rather hot for driveways but that is what i was taught to use and it works for me. Just trying to be prudent.

3% is the sweet spot in my opinion

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Me to. 5 for major bad stuff.

yeah and i just spot treat 5% with a pump sprayer. x jet just has too much overspray and i don’t have a 12v yet

It’s super easy to make a portable, ammo box 12v. I still use mine on occasion when I don’t want to pull out the trailer mount 12v. Recent window cleaning customer wanted a 20’ section of siding cleaned so just brought a carboy of 3% and knocked it out in 10 minutes.

I orderded a specially modified full gun where the x jet injector sits between the gun and lance. This way you can use whatever regular tip you want for high up stuff such as using a J rod. I only do flat so now i can inject a higher mix than regular DS and I can employ soap tip to keep a reasonable very small pressure but lay down a big area quick.

Where did you get this modded X-JET?

You can make one but after using it for about 10 minutes you will realize it sucks more than using a regular Xjet. you are stuck with a wand in addition to having to carry a pail for the xjet

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Doug Rucker Store.

Agreed. A lot of “over thinking it” seems to go on around here…when I had my Jeep, I often said “because I can”, never seen that as a useful statement when it comes to PWing. :joy:

Doug Rucker store.

I always want to call it Rugg Ducker every time I read it.


Hi Steve, im just starting in the business so after much research i think from what i understand if 1 to 1 ratio mix = 2 … 10% ÷ 2= 5 so if i have a 3:1 ratio mix equals 4 parts total. 10% ÷4=2.5

4 to 1 in a 5 gallon bucket using 10% is 8%, a big jump, so something there is off. And that is the final mix if using a dedicated pump. My x jet is a 1.6:1 ratio so with that in the equation my 8% mix gets diluted to a 3.07% out the gun.

yes, if it’s 4 parts SH…but if it’s 4 parts water then it’s 2%…
most commonly 3:1 would be 3 parts water to 1 part chem

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With x jet dilution rate, yes. Hey I got a question on another line for you. Im installing a new spring and check ball in my pump. The spring came out in 3 pieces so I never saw how it originally went in. The spring in my kit is cone shaped. Im assuming the bigger end sits against the ball, not the smaller end ???