X-Jet House mix question

Hello to all,

First of all I am happy to be part of this forum, I am a rookie and haven’t started a company yet but I am seriously thinking about it. i have been reading a lot this past months and I think I am ready to start doing my family’s houses to start practicing, I currently don’t have good quality equipment but I will buy some if everything goes well. Right know I have a Generac One Wash PW it has variable PSI it can go from 2000-3100 and about 2.8gpm. I have a 15" homelite surface cleaner and UPS just delivered my X-Jet M5 from pressurewashstore.com I also got me some EBC, Fresh Wash and E-Z cling.

I have a couple of questions:

I did the bucket test to get the ratio using the X-Jet I used a gallon of water (pretending is my house mix) and started filling the 5 gallon bucket, i came up with pretty much a 2:1 with out any proportioners. (2 gal water to 1 gal mix). Then I Inserted the red proportioner 9:1 and got about a 12 gal wash water to 1 gal mix. So if my math is right I have to go pretty much strait SH to get around 1% on the wall is this right or am I doing something wrong. The way I got the number I got the formula from the Downstreaming ratio folder.

12.5% SH x 100% = 12.5% bleach ready to be used

12.5 bleach / 12 ratio = 1% on wall

Is this right?

I bought the Fresh wash for the house mix and EBC for concrete mix, can I used the same amount of SH for both house and concrete and just add the desire amount of soap? Or should one be hotter than the other one?

Sorry for all this questions but I want to be kind of sure LOL of what I am doing before I mess things up. Thank you in advance!!!

Hector Reyes

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Sorry i actually bought the X-Jet, fresh wash and E-Z Cling from Pressurewash.com

EBC came from powerwashstore.com

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