WW Classic or Ultra for my 4200/4GPM

I know there is a lot of info out there on the WW Classic, but I haven’t seen anything comparing the 19 inch WW Classic and the 16 inch WW Ultra for a 4.0gpm 4200 unit specifically… also considering the BE Whirl a way 16” but it seems to be only a mid tier surface cleaner.
I like to move fast… I don’t want to be the guy with a 19-24 inch on a 4GPM having to go at granny speed to avoid stripes. Stripes are my pet peeve and I’d rather have smaller and faster to avoid them at all costs, haha!

Walking fast with smaller size or walking slower with bigger size. Hmmm. Over 10,000 sq ft, which one get the entire job done quicker? Saw a video recently of a guy with what might have been a 48 inch surface cleaner. Walking at a snails pace. Did 600 sq ft driveway in 10 minutes.

To some degree mechanics play a role but also does personal preference. For me, it am all about efficiency. Don’t care what speed I walk at but what time per sq ft does my set-up take.


When I running 4gpm. I tried both and ended up using the Ultra all the time. Ultra seemed to clean better and quicker. I always pre and post treated. I run a ground force now w/ 8gpm.

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I have the ultra and love it.

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BE sucks. It won’t lat a year if you use it a decent amount.

You won’t regret buying the ultra. Also you can just plug your gun right into it. No need for a ball valve to change from house washing to surface cleaning.

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What washer are you using? Curious of your set up.

I am using a GX390 4.0/4200