WTB 36 SS lance with gun

Looking for another turbo lance, but I went to about 6 retailers (online) and they were only selling the lance only without the gun. I know I can buy the lance, then buy the gun, then buy the connectors, but it used to be cheaper to get a one and done lance (all inclusive). I like having a separate gun/lance for turbo work, I throw it in a PVC pipe attached to my water tote for storage on my trailer and grab it when needed. Was looking at it yesterday and noticed some rust and thought before my season starts I better have another on standby.

WTB - Where to buy

I will probably find it the same place I find PA turbo nozzles.

PW Gadgets will be selling completed guns and just the lances by themselves to diy in the forseeable future. These will be light like aluminum and corrosion resistant like stainless. Can’t say if they’ll be any cheaper than what you were looking at just a better take on it.


TY sir will take a look. @dperez how long til then? My season won’t really kick into full gear for about 25-30 days, and if I get the log cabin and the big asterisk deck I won’t be PW for awhile.

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Sorry, I won’t catch you before your wash season gets under way. I have 11 products in front of it. I WILL get there soon. It won’t be too much work, just need to get the molds machined then off to extrusion and finally a proprietary coating. They will consist of a two part “system”, a machined adapter that’s mated to the lance with a very tight tolerance counterbore.

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Just plug you turbo into any wand. Any wand should plug into your gun.


I just keep all my lances made up with QC’s so I can pop on a 36" or 72" in a heartbeat.


i have Suttner 42 inch stainless steel turbo lances