Would you take a chance or pass?

I have a good chance to get this washer for little or next to nothing. Would you take a chance or pass? It was running a year or two ago but has been sitting out in the weather with no use.

Ide give it a crack, good little project and backup machine. Needs a real motor though.

How many hours on it or how old is it and how much they want for it? For the right price I’d be all over that. Those Alkota’s were decent machines in their day. Spend a day or so changing fluids, filters, connectors and maybe some hoses and a little elbow grease and a can of touchup paint and you may have a winner.

I’m really not sure, it’s at my girlfriends dads shop. He isn’t ever going to do anything with it. It’s just sitting there rotting, but it worked when somebody got tight on money a few years back

So find out what he’ll take for it and report back


100 bucks , and you will haul it away to your home and like everyone said , change fluids and give it a crack. Good backup and also for hot, if you can make it work.

I’ve bought more used cars than it’s practical for a man my age, but I’ve never bought used equipment.

It’s garbage. Where is it?:laughing:

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