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In 2014 my major goal is to generate enough money to allow my wife to quit her job and work full time with me. She will stay at home and run things from their. I am hoping to get some advice on how to handle working with the wife, things to avoid and things to do. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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A husband /wife team can be a real asset. My wife works with me a lot and we have landed several jobs just because she was dealing a female pm or homeowner, ladies like to stick together. It can also be rough on a marriage. One bit of advice I can give from my situation, just because she is your wife does not make her the best qualified person for the job. I think my company would have benefited more from hiring a qualified salesperson/marketing manager/receptionist but my wife works for free basically. Each situation is different, but when you care so much about your company and want to see it succeed, its very easy to let work issues become personal issues. Also ask yourself “will she make you as much money as she was making at her old job”? Again it may be worth it to some people to take a decrease in income so that you can spend time with loved ones. To each is own!

I personally could never work with my wife. I go to work to get away from her

Welcome Vnc. I am sorry for your loss. Can you imagine how your poor wife must feel?


Stopping working with my wife everyday did wonders for our relationship.

What kind of work does your wife do now? Is it something she enjoys? Is it something that can transfer over into your business?

A see a lot of wives getting placed into empty “slots” (for lack of a better term) – like bookkeeper – only to find that they hate keeping the books and they aren’t particularly good at it. So that would be the first thing I’d suggest. Figure out what her strengths are and build her role around that, not just around where you need a hole filled.

Only you and she know how well you two can get along in that kind of situation. I cannot imagine being in business with my husband – we’re far too different – but I do value his opinion/perspective and run ideas by him frequently. Some couples work great together; others, not so much.

My wife and I work together… Yet where hardly together when it comes to business. My wife not only has a business degree, in her last job she was in management and she has excellent people skills and is great on the phone. For our business she deals with all the customers, she emails all the estimates, she does the scheduling-- basically all office work.

I am always out and about in the field, chasing down work, collecting money if my guys can’t get it(residential only), fixing machines in my shop and pretty much staying where I like-- outside.

Where opposites and because of that we get along great and our business is set up where we have different work lives-- This works great for us.

Like Allison says you have to know your wife’s strengths and if her strengths work for your business it’s something to consider. Your passion may be Powerwashing where your wife could give a hoot about it so don’t expect her to even want to do what you like doing or just throw her into a spot you don’t want to do like bookkeeping or she’ll most likely become miserable which will make you hate it-- if you know what I mean

Two other thoughts:

  1. Find a way to separate work life from personal life. Set boundaries there. (I struggle with this just working from home.)
  2. I would suggest you pay your wife…at least something small. I realize all the money ultimately goes into the same pot, but pay her something anyway. Something she can say is hers. That she earned and that she can spend on herself or however she wants to. Going from a paying job to a non-paying job can be hard, not just on the checkbook, but on the old self esteem.

The most important thing when working with your wife is to NOT use the terms “old” and “wife” in the same sentence. :wink:

Once you are in the third quarter of your life, the reason why will become apparent.

Lol… Ummm no comment;)

First off I appreciate all the great responses. My wife currently works for a staffing agency so she knows a lot about hiring workers and dealing with issues that come with that. She is very skilled on a computer so I want her to be in charge of scheduling,quick books, internet marketing, and follow up with customers. I figure to replace her income and replace her healthcare we will need to generate about $3,500 a month extra in income. In order to do that I am in the process of having Anya set up a website for me and do a SEO campaign for me. I think by June/July I should be bringing in a extra $3,500 a month and then we will make the transition. We are all so going to try and have a kid in a yr or 2 so we both want her to stay home to raise the kid.

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Hey Ryan-- when you talk an Extra $3500/month come next summer for income to replace your wife’s income plus healthcare I hope your factoring in that you will probably need to gross $10,000+/month in your business to get that 12 months a year. Don’t get fooled with Gross counting as income or you’ll make a big mistake in having your wife leaving her job—FYI

Larger companies the income is around 10-12% of gross on average.

The goal will be to net $10,000 a month by June- August. For our lifestyles $120,000 a year net income is very good.

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