Working the Media

So how many of you guys have been featured in an article/interview/broadcast, etc., by your local media? And if you have, how did it come about? Did they find you? Did you know someone? Did you contact them with an idea?

I’m just curious. Saw an article today from a Tulsa news source where the ONLY focus of the article was that the cold weather was affecting a window cleaner’s business, i.e., making it a little harder to clean and requiring them to change gloves a lot. When I read it, I thought, “How on earth did that company get a whole article – albeit a short one – for THAT?” Not that it was necessarily a bad article.

I am active in the local Home Builders Association and as such am the Chairman of the annual Home Show. I once managed to get featured in a newspaper article about roof cleaning. The article was published in the newspaper just prior to our spring show one year and at one point during the weekend, I had three ladies lined up at our booth. All with newspapers in hand, wanting to talk to this guy that cleans roofs.

The show was really good for us that year.