Workers Comp

Does JW offer workers compensation insurance in South Carolina?

Micah - We don’t have a nationwide WC plan available. I know the WC policy can be very costly no matter what state you are from. At this time, I would advise you to talk to your state specific WC funded program.


Would you say WC is required for most commercial jobs or just general liability?


Hi David. There are a wide variety of certificate requirements, and they are as varied as the work itself, and the companies for whom you are working. We can’t really speculate about what requirements your potential clients may ask of you. But Workers Comp insurance is something you need if you have employees. For more information regarding what is required by your state, go to the state workers comp bureau’s website.


Yes very much so in lousiana… Get ready for a lot of headache and audits…


Yes on both. WC insurance is a killer. If you have employees WC is going to cost a ton. The flip side to this is if you work alone and are a sole proprietor, in my state you don’t need WC ins. Probably in most states are similar here…but… If you want to get any type of commercial work the odds are you won’t get it if you can’t show proof of WC insurance.

Lastly expect to get audited every year when you have WC ins. and if you dare pay them more then a couple of weeks late they will send to everyone of your commercial customers that you will be dropped unless you pay your bill by a certain date. I call this a form of extortion.

Make sure when you get a WC quote that they put you in the correct classification. Being put in the wrong classification can cost you several thousand dollars more per year.

Went on a pay as you go program for WC in 2013. We pay the insurance company at every payroll based on actual hours, our payroll company set it up. It eliminates the annual additional premium after the audit.

I just landed the highest paying job of my career. Then the BS happened. The job is for an HOA. The company who manages it has convinced the board members that I need workers comp even though I have a state issued exemption form. Not only am I exempt but I have no employees and I will be doing all work from the ground. I tried calling JW Insurance but they don’t cover FL for workers comp. If I can not find coverage by 02/24 then they are giving the job to a construction company who is going to rent equipment and do a terrible job but they happen to have workers comp. I don’t understand why they won’t except my exempt form. I am a veteran so I have VA Healthcare to cover me for free if I get injured. I am thinking of asking them if I sign a contract saying if I get hurt I won’t hold the HOA liable. The other option is to see if I can get coverage for 1 month. Does anyone have any input on this. Thanks in advance.

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Call your local insurance company and ask for a ghost policy, it costs alot less but provides you with the proper documentation to meet the requirements of the job. It means you will make less money but it may be worth it in the long run.

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The company that manages the HOA knows what they are doing. If you’re going to run after the big jobs, go get coverage.

No, you don’t need it, and no, it’s not fair, but that’s the way of the world.

They can’t make you get it but you will be allowed to look at a lot more jobs when you have it.

In a strange way this is why I love owning my own business. Just when I am cruising on easy street I get a serious curve ball thrown my way. I guess the obstacles in life are what keeps things interesting. The ability to adapt and overcome is awesome.

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After some further research I have discovered a few things.

Florida does not allow a Ghost Policy so that is out of the equation.

I believe the cheapest policy I can get is $2,500, which isn’t to bad as long as they don’t need that paid up front.

Something I am going to look into is going through a Temp Agency and hiring myself and then I will be covered it seems like some kind of legal loop hole for a quick fix.

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