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Previously I had a car with limited equipment now that I will be looking to get (2) 100 gallon tanks a mobile pressure washing cart and a roof cleaning system, what do you think my best option for a personal/work vehicle? Pickup truck (8 feet bed), Minivan or SUV (Suburban/Yukon XL)? Can any or all of them support the weight of 1 or 2 gallon tanks full of water?

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You would 100% need at least a 2500 series pickup truck to haul around that kind of weight.

200 gallons of water alone weighs 1600 lbs.

You would be dragging the rear bumper on the ground with a minivan or SUV.

Truck + Trailer would be the best option for what you want to do.

It can be done with a SUV. Mine has the corvette package with big brakes, air ride, and 6.0l motor. Pulls very well with the dual axle trailer.

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It depends on where you live. For example here in Brooklyn housing is congested and the streets are tight so lugging around a trailer is a really difficult task plus there aren’t many places to store a trailer safely Around here so going with a cargo van or small box truck would be ideal for the city. Take jersey for example you’ve got houses with big driveways, plenty of places to park and easy maneuverability, that’s where I’d go with a pickup and a trailer.

Personally I don’t believe in a “Personal/Work” vehicle…it’s either a “Work” vehicle…or it’s a “Personal” vehicle…And I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone…but you’re either portraying a Professional business…or somebody riding around in a minivan/suv trying to get work.

Please don’t read anything into my opinion…Just think about it.

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You’re right, but everyone has to start somewhere. Or for those of us who do it part time, the vehicle may be used for more personal use than work use.

Kevin…I started part time (Kinda) so I kinda understand what you’re saying…I just feel if you’re portraying yourself as Professional, Legitimate Business…You should look like one…and that’s just my opinion.

I agree with what you say here. I too am just starting out and have to use the one vehicle I have for everything, . My thought is, get your one vehicle lettered, wrapped, whatever so that it’s ALWAYS Your “professional” vehicle. Even when you’re taking the kids to the park or a load of stuff to the dump, you can, and should, be representing yourself and your business well

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I only have one vehicle and it is my professional work vehicle that I use for personal use also. It looks like a professional work vehicle, much more important to me then to have it looking like a personal vehicle

I still haven’t gotten mine lettered yet, and every time I drive around I can’t stop thinking “how much business am I NOT getting right now?”

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I’m here to tell you exposure is everything. Get it done if you are a serious player in this field. I’ve had several unsolicited estimates from the magnetic signs I just put in the truck a few weeks ago. I close one, the signs paid for themselves.

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Yeah, I have to do that too!

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Having your vehicles lettered is probably the worst way to advertise. No matter where you are people will be calling wanting something, telling you your employees are speeding or something. How can you possibly keep up with mileage logs for what is personal and what is business if you use one truck for everything?

I love the constant advertising and exposure. I have people tell me all the time how they always see my vans all around town… There’s only one van and it’s noticeable!

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I used a pickup truck for years that was my personal vehicle and work vehicle. While Powerwashing I had magnetic signs on it and I pulled a 12’ enclosed trailer.

Everywhere I went I drove with those magnetic signs…except into my “other” job. Those signs I’d stick them between the bed and my cab where you couldn’t see them. Didn’t want to rock the boat or deal with Jelousy on my “other” job which in the end they both worked out great. :slight_smile:

We did it because I don’t believe in going into debt. Mileage logs aren’t that hard and being debt free was well worth the trade offs. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m really glad that we did it that way.

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I understand your point, but I’m a one man, one vehicle show. The log is easy: Start mileage when working, stop mileage when done, don’t record mileage when using it for personal stuff. Been doing that for years. Remember KISS: (Keep It Super Simple)…And while your vehicle may not be the BEST way to advertise, it’s senseless not to do it. The only bad way to advertise is not to advertise.

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That’s awesome!!

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Stay at it a few years and you might change your mind. I quit advertising in 2006 and have grown me because of it.

Your a smart man Jason!! I grew my Powerwashing business to one of the bigger Powerwashing companies out here even though I had another job for 16 yrs while my Powerwashing business was raking in the dough!! One of the ways I did it was by like what you said…I had very little debt and none on my truck or equipment.