Wood deck / Paint Prep

Customer wants this prepped for paint. Will oxalic and citric acid really brighten this thing up? I’ve read several of the posts here, so understand the process, but not sure if this is too far gone.

If they are painting it (which is a terrible idea and won’t last) why do you care if you brighten it up?

They are staining it rather. I want to brighten it up because they aren’t going to stain for a few weeks and are having a party on the patio

It’s not too far gone. Follow the Deck Thread instructions.

And tell us your plan of attack before doing it because it’s possible you might be missing a thing or two.


Thanks going to document my process on the deck thread!

You want to clean it before using the acid. The acid is one of the last things you’ll do. If they’re having a party on it before staining it’s probably going to need rinsed again.

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