Winterizing your rig


I really don’t know. Sorry

John Devine.


I appreciate the input.


It’s amazing how often you will use one after you buy it… Just finding little things to nail in, pump up, blow off. Hell I’m doing hardwood floors for a neighbor after Christmas…


Cold a hell up here in PA. I’ve been antifreezing with RV Antifreeze (way cheaper and safer for the enviroment), i close my source line form the tank, and open the antifreeze source, then turn the machine on and spray water until it turns to foam then shoot it into the antifreeze source on and off a few times. This antifreezes the entire system including the burner. Caution: make sure your burner is off before using the RV Antifreeze. You can find it at Lowes.


Great info. Luckily I don’t have to go thru this process too often down here, but still it’s very useful.


I live in ontario canada near Niagara Falls. I got tired of anti freeze all the time so
I put Cam connectors on all hoses from and to the tank. 2 minutes after getting home I just roll the machine into the garage. No more freezing.

Rob Ward
Ward Pressure Washing
Fenwick, Ontario, Canada




@Innocentbystander It’s supposed to get to freezing tonight and I still have 75 gallons in the buffer tank. Do I have to drain everything off and blow out all the hoses?

I swear I saw you post about anti freeze somewhere…


You have a low of 31. You will be fine tonight. Call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you how to make an airchuck plug to screw into your pump to blow out the lines and pump. More water in the tank the better as far as keeping it from freezing. Tractor supply and agri supply carry these or something similar but it won’t keep the lines from freezing[Shopping]%20Product%20Type&kwid=bingproductads-adid^10561695339-device^c-plaid^1101201433649-sku^133696@ADL10BMC-adType^PLA




Thanks for that tip IBS…i ended up making a fitting and blowing my pump out till nothing but air came out…




Well look at you getting all professional on us. Did I hear you say the church got smited with high winds?


@squidskc I had to blow through water intake not the out. I tried it the way u have urs set up and nothing would go through, rigged it up for water intake and worked great. IDK might work for u just didn’t work for me.


@Greg755 yeah. The winds around here lately are 20-40 mph a couple days a week. It’s nuts. Better today, but 28 degrees (Feels like 21) so today will likely be a half day.

@SPC this line worked perfect for me. It popped right into my pressure hoses before the reel, fit just snug enough in my flexzilla fitting to blow it out of the inlet hose, and a piece of polybraid and a hose clamp to clear the pump and unloader. Took about 15 minutes.


Do you lead with female fittings?


@squidskc Gotcha, u used for ur hoses…i was blowing out my pump but for hoses it worked good .no always lead with male end…



I learned “men run in, women run out” from a female Captain none the less lol


I keep mine in the shop. will be shutting down the pressure washing here in about a month… Give or take…


Astonishing low temps here in Florida, I’ve never winterized before, not sure how to proceed