Winter work

What are some jobs you transition into after the pressure washing season is over?

Some do gutters, snow plowing, small engine work and Christmas light installation.

Many seem to take winter off.

Watch movies relax, and gain weight lol

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Soap, rinse ,repeat. It never stops for us ,until it’s below 34 degrees.And we polish alot of aluminium in the winter

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Christmas lights ends the day before thanksgiving, but after that I fix small engines and power equipment. Tire and belt changes on lawnmowers and snowblowers, carburetor swaps, etc. with all the snow last year I had a ton of generators and snowblowers come through my shop. I only do that maybe 12-15 hours a week though. I’m off for the most part.

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Its supposed to be another nasty winter here so I’m getting ready now!

We all can’t wait for the 0200 ,0230,0300,0400 etc, snow report updates while your all cranked out on Sam goodies and red bull again…lol @SchertzServicesLLC


Uh, @SchertzServicesLLC better not be ingesting all that BS. He’s supposed to be getting healthy with me.


My bad,that was another dude that hogs snow. I recall @SchertzServicesLLC is drinking kale shakes with grasshopper poop and ginseng roots this year @DisplacedTexan


I am? That’s news to me! :joy:

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You better be! You want to be looking right for the PWRA calendar that we’re making don’t you?

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Saw farmer almanac said wet and cols winter here.

Not that i put much into that, just take the crap weather as it comes

Put the fire house sub down and walk away, is what I think he’s saying. He’s got you gps chipped.

I gots the new Amish beard oil in last week, I’m ready for my close up ! Can I be mr October,it’s my hatching month


I don’t know that’s above my pay grade. I figured we’d just draw straws or something.

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I’m in perfect shape! My shapes just round! :joy:


UPS and substitute teacher

F-ups. Lol. Sorry I had to say it. I used to be a FEDEX driver/ owner opp @Machit . :laughing: