Windows on house wash

First off I apologize if this has been covered here already, I’ve tried to find something on it and I cannot.

I’m doing my first house wash next week and I’ve read a lot about how SH can look crappy and mess up windows if allowed to dry on the window. And that you should rinse prior/during/after the house wash application. So my question is, how do you continuously keep fresh water on a window preventing SH from drying on it without the runoff diluting your HW mix that’s already on and causes and I never clean?

Wouldn’t the runoff from the windows rinse the house wash off the area under the window?

And causing an uneven clean***

Your over analysing. Do one side at a time if your paranoid. I never pre wet windows, squirt my mix and pull the trigger again on the parts that I see drying up, by that time it’s rinse time.


So just keep it wet with the hw mix?

Correct. Don’t stand there blasting the windows for 10 minutes, just a quick trigger pull where you see it drying up. If it’s a really hot day. Give it a quick rinse with water before you soap it down. Start rinsing windows first when it’s time to rinse


Awesome, thank you for the response.

You stated what I do in your intial post. I will spray the windows with water to keep them wet but just not soak them. I also do what @MuscleMyHustle said and keep them wet with soap. Either way don’t let them dry. Also I found that rinsing a window a couple of times helps. Sometimes soap runs down the window after you rinse. So if I walk by a window I hit them with water even though I already rinsed them earlier. It’s over kill. I just did my house the other day. Windows look great till I go inside and I can see dry soap runs on 2 windows. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

I always give the customer a ‘briefing’ before doing a housewash so they know what to expect, and I let them know we will rinse the windows thoroughly to prevent streaking but also point out our TDS is 170 and some spotting is to be expected. They’re fine with that, and sometimes I offer a 12v pure water rinse.

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Do you make much off of that? Do you use a wfp or just a gun or ball valve? I’ve considered getting another tank and giving it a go. Will probably wait until next year though.

It’s just a rinse off with a 5gallon tank of DI water. I usually charge $20-30 extra for a few windows.

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A waterfed pole is the best way to clean off any overspray from any power washer on glass. It’s fast and easy however it will not remove any hard water stains and\or really hard baked on deposits. But it will leave the windows in the same condition but better before you started.