Window cleaning

On some homes i clean alot have a big nice window on second story I need something I can reach up there without a ladder to clean window off with any suggestions

I like my Water fed pole… But if I don’t wanna bust that out for one or two Windows I would suggest a mop on an extension pole and then squeegee after…

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where is a good place to order these items

I got all my basic window cleaning supplies at a janitors supply down the road from my house but go on Window cleaning resource web site for a water fed pole and do your research on them. I watched countless YouTube demo videos before I got mine.

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Baker,contact Chris or Alex at Window Cleaning Resources.Chris is co-founder of this site,trust me these guys will steer you in the right direction.

If your not ready to make the investment on window cleaning, You can pick up Unger or Ettore supplies at Home Depot or Lowes that will get the job done