Window cleaning

Just thought I would post a picture from today’s window job. Can you guys guess which was the inside scrubber?
Here is a hint, they are chain smokers.

Yeah, it’s pretty gross cleaning those type windows. Just a tip, adding ammonia in your normal solution will help cut through the tobacco grime.

Thanks for the tip. I ended up going over them twice. Pretty nasty stuff. Glad I quit smoking years ago.

Jeff Maycumber
All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

Me too! I can’t stand to be around it now but I smoked for 15 years. I cant fathom why, now

same here! It’s been 6 years and my lungs still hate me! I remember back in the day when everyone’s walls and curtains had a hint of that lovely nicotine yellow

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean

Thankfully those houses are few and far between these days!

I can’t imagine being a residential window cleaner in the 60’s or 70’s.

One of the reasons I dropped interior windows.

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Those are nasty windows! Imagine what those lungs are looking like