Window Cleaner Wanting to Get Into PW as Add on For Business

Hey Guys,

I learned about this forum from the WCR Forum. I’ve been looking to get into power washing as an add-on service, as many window cleaners do. I’ve done some research, though have lots more to do. I’m a fireman full time, and do window cleaning on the side (sort of, window cleaning is almost as full time for me as firefighting lol). My budget is fairly limited, so I really try to look for deals, when I know I won’t sacrifice quality. I’m pretty handy, and like to fix and troubleshoot things.

That said, and getting to the purpose of this post, I found a used pressure washer for sale on CL. This is the one:
The guy is asking $600 for it. Now, its only 2,500 PSI, but it is 4.4 GPM, has a honda motor and belt driven. Will that be adequate for an entry level machine?

If I do purchase used, what sort of initial/general maintenance would you recommend,

Thanks for all of your help!

where are you located, I might know of some stuff for sale

Thanks. I’m in DFW Metro. Closer to Dallas but I’m willing to drive.

4 at 2500 isn’t a lot of cleaning power. Of course you could make it work, but if you really want to chase the pressure washing I would try to find a little more machine.