Win Some Fresh Wash

Make a post here at PWR and be entered to win. All pots made here at PWR 7/6/2012 will count. I entry per post. We will use to pick a winner next Friday and it will ship out right away.

Good Luck!

That Fresh Wash is mine Chris!! I was just thinking to myself…there needs to me
more content sharing on this site!

Is this really that much better than Simple Cherry? Or is this just the new “in thing”
being promoted on this site??

Ohh and question…are they still giving out free samples of the Fresh Wash?

If so, who do I call for a sample??

I have heard great things about this… Wouldn’t mind trying it out

I will enter!

I have 21 buildings coming up would love to be able to try some and see if this would be great to use on the jobsite.

Oh also it doesnt have to be in this thread… Make a new thread, post where ever… It all counts.

I would love to win some fresh wash. sign me up

It’s the real deal…great stuff. Game Changer in my opinion

Never used the fresh wash, but would like to give it a try… perhaps this post will help me win it…

Sign me up…

I’ve been wanting to try it out.

i want and need some

I like free Fresh Wash!

We use the fresh wash and the guys love it. We did a Condo complex 2 weeks ago and we did not get one complaint about the chlorine smell…
I never used Simple Cherry… We never used anything that had the ability to offer a change from our massive amounts of chlorine we use.
Soon my flatbed will be able to clean at 35gpm up to nearly 4000 psi which I’ll start a thread on this later because the picture taking has started. Where going to put so much more volume out on one truck that I may buy Fresh wash like we buy our chlorine…by the crate.

I ordered three 5 gallon pails of Fresh Wash yesterday.

My last 5 gallon pail helped me make over $6000. That’s a huge ROI!

Ordered some last week and looking forward to trying it out.

I am loving it!!!

Fresh Wash at

Will with my 10 million posts, I should be the obvious winner! :slight_smile: