Will downstreaming straight 10% SH damage pvc fence?

If i let straight 10% SH dwell 10 mins, will that damage a pvc fence? Or should I do a 50/50?

Why wouldn’t you start with the 50/50 to see if you need to even waste a bunch of SH? And white pvc is pretty tough unless you’re hailing on it. You could let it dwell for 20 minutes and be just fine.

Pvc fences clean easy DONT use straight 10%. Straight.

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Thank you i wasn’t sure if it was hard to clean

If you can downstream it you’ll be fine. You could probably go 1/2 gallon of 10% to 1 1/2 gallons of water if you have to use a pump sprayer. Go to lunch and rinse when you come back. Just wet the grass before you pump spray that dilution.