Will 150' of flexilla fit on the Hannay 1520-17-18

About to pull the trigger on 2 of these and the stack kit but a little worried the 150’ (one 100" and one 50’) might not fit… 5/8 flexilla

saw where someone said their 150’ of supply was a tad too long but it was not flexilla hose…

all 3 are $600 on sprayerdepot no shipping with 3 to 5 day delivery!!!


Flexilla will make your dreams come true


What sixe flexzill do you have? Pretty sure it comes in 1/2" and 5/8th. I might be wrong on that. Whats the reel rated for?

oh right 5/8.

tablet was giving me fits

You can get 3/4 flexzilla also

I have the 5/8… not 100% sure it will fit on this reel. Hoping someone with this reel has this 5/8 and can chime in!

I’m sure you saw the specs but they say it’ll hold 125’ of 5/8" so might be close. Depending how far most houses in your area are from the road you might be able to get by with 100’ of hose most of the time.

You wouldn’t be adding that much more weight or size if you went with the 1526-17-18. It would only be 6" wider and probably just a few more pounds. It says it will hold 200’ of 5/8". I went one size larger than what I currently thought I would need for both my supply and high pressure in case I ever need to add more length or a bigger diameter. I had a hard time deciding but I figured a little bigger reel isn’t going to hurt anything. I realize you are trying to watch the weight and size though.


I have 4-50’ sections on one. Two sections are cheaper 5/8 hose, one section is 3/4 and one is 5/8 flexilla. So, it should. I hardly use more than 100’. The mismatching hose is due to me swapping from all 3/4" stuff. Trying the flexilla myself. The reel is a 1520 but is for holding hose only. No inner parts to flow thru.

Thanks… .just ordered them!!! I might get a 25’ flexilla and leave the 50’ as a spare and see if I ever surpass 125’.

Appreciate all the info and replies!

Now just need to get the plumbing and bypass set up and finish repainting the trailer and putting in the floor!