Why we should help PWRA get more members

If we can help the PWRA get more members it benefits all of us. The more money that comes in the more Thad,Chis and staff can look to add more benny’s and we in turn get even more bang for our buck. So it’s a win win.

I have a couple of guys who I talk to and I bring it up every now and then on why they should join this association. There response is they are going to join as soon as they slow down. Think about that for a second. It’s like a mistake we all make at times. We think “I’ll do this, I’ll do that” when I slow down. Why would you want to wait “until you slow down” who wants to slow down?? That was my philosophy for a bunch of years. When I slow down “I’ll do this and I’ll do that” well when you have employees that doesn’t work.

To them its like “that sucks I get 3 straight weeks of work and now I’m forced to take some non paid days off”
Here’s my new philosophy I adapted years ago. Most people in this country want a job where there’s enough work for them M-fr. That’s called having a full time job. Not part time but full time. Some find jobs like that and they stay at those companies there whole working career because they move up etc with the same company…

Do you think that company waited to slow down to find more work?

I bring this up because my company joined the PWRA so I want your company to join the PWRA because it benefits me and you. Just think about that for a minute or two…

So don’t wait to slow down. Load up with as much work as you can because “The slow down” could be much longer then you want and if you have employees or are a 1 man operation, having no money coming in catches up with you real fast and while you “Slow down” there’s other companies “Speeding up” who took some away some of your potential customers because you never stood a chance because you “Slowed down”.

Just something to think about. If you believe in what I said then pass the word and if your not a PWRA member you should reconsider because new members help all of us and then you pass the word and now the helping chain reaction affect keeps getting stronger. Believe me I know… I once belonged to a group that was 350,000 people strong which benefited two other groups I belonged to which one was about 2000 people strong and the last one was 11 people strong and that last one was my last full time job outside of Powerwashing.

Very well said John! You are absolutely correct in that the more members there the more benefits we can get set up for you guys!

Also I agree totally with the whole slow down thing, who really wants to slow down anyway?
If you wait till you slow down the money will slow down too and that means no money left to put into your business to help it grow!

I love hearing members talk about the PWRA because they really believe it in! Thanks John!

I belong to a couple of groups but the PWRA you get immediate returns on your investment so with that I recommend this to others I know. I look at it like this to make it very simple. It cost me $350 to join. Around a 1/3 of that you get back because of tax time or it’s that much less you have to pay. So now I’m down to aprox $230 for my membership. By the time I’m done buying from www.powerwash.com I’ll probably save at least another $50-$100(we went thru just about 15 gallons of Fresh Wash already and if I would have known about it from the beginning of the season we would have been thru at least 50 gallons already) so let’s say I save $75 from www.powerwash.com my membership now cost about $155. I already market the logo and it’s probably bringing up my website rankings already and that’s golden jobs =$$$$$
Now we also do our own mailers but Kathy is looking into what the benefits are doing it thru PWRA…and that alone will cover most likely the rest of our membership cost plus there are so many other benny’s in here that can be used…

So to me it’s a no brainer. My membership will be paying me money by the time I’m done. The other orgs I belong to pretty much the same thing happened… Well at least 2 of them did and the other one… Maybe another time… But today My PWRA membership is getting cheaper and cheaper where soon it will be paying me as in money saved and more income in my bank…

Simple math when you think about it:D

Well said John

Thanks, John.
Our goal from the beginning has been to give back many times the investment to all members. I personally use all the benefits for my business, too, so obviously I want them to be as awesome as possible!

Neither Chris nor I will never call anyone and ask them to join as a favor or out of guilt. It should be a business decision and hopefully an obvious choice!

It’s like word of mouth. We have a good customer base because of “Word of Mouth”. We have cold called(I hate it so Kathy does it) commercial establishments to try and get some work. On the residential side our strongest base is thru “Word of Mouth” for years.
It may be outdated but we “Never Call” residential to try and get there business. We advertise and do mailers to let people know where out there but always and forever will be the best business we get is from our customers telling others the good work we do.

So in the case with the PWRA Thad I agree completely that you and Chris shouldn’t have to call and look for members. Your offering a good product that’s tried and tested thru the WCR and other avenues as in trying it yourselves. You guys already know what works so it’s smart to offer it out for a small fee for others in this industry to have this as well.

So I looked at this for awhile and the more I looked at it… It works. There was a disc years ago that had over 40,000 Powerwashing names on it. That Disc I knew about and another Disc I had with some real cool history on it that I lent out to another Powerwasher who got disenchanted with this industry and suddenly disappeared with my disc with her. That disc I want back one day. The 40,000 names on the other disc was only current from 10 yrs ago so today it doesn’t mean squat… But… If I had to guess there has to be over 50,000 Powerwashers today… And if a handful of them can become more top notch professional it not only raises the bar in this field it also elevates the industry as a whole.

So to help out my friends in this industry to raise there bar by them getting more work it raises my game as well. It also opens up avenues to network because these guys now trust me and my business more because I’m not selling them an empty promise. This has worked for me time and time again… So when I see something that benefits me I want it to benefit others as well so I spread this like my customers do “Word of mouth” because it benefits them and myself as well.

I didn’t know you were still around John, I thought you said you were quitting the internet?

No…I said I was leaving a few bulletin boards because I worked with them from the beginning and it was time to move on and let guys like yourself help with moderating them if they want you to.
I also said I was going to a couple of new start-up bulletin boards such as PWRA and PWC and help them out for awhile because my service to them comes free of charge and I enjoy to relax to a good professional board like these two. Stick around Charlie you may learn a thing or two here.

[MENTION=7076]ApexDeckSavers[/MENTION] And hopefully pass on some of your unbiased wood knowledge!