Why I have an IPad 4g

So I can do estimates while in the middle of the lake.

Very nice Clark!

I would love the IPad but I do not have any Apples products.

Seems like if you want one Apple product you need all the Apple

Keep up the good work!

I have an iPhone and I’ll never change to an apple computer. I’m proof you can buy one and not need to have more. I’m forever PC. Ok maybe I’ll get an iPad lol.

Love it Clark… I find now I am using my ipad more than my computer…

The 3 is really great… When I had the first one I found myself in a little bit of a slump because it was so easy to consume content but not so good at creating content.

BUT with the 3 its so much faster Im back to being able to create on content on it in a reasonable amount of time… Love it.

Kyle I think you could very easily get the ipad with out owning any other apple products.