Why do we give out so much info on the bb's for contractors?

I know why I do because I enjoy helping contractors and I’m forever indebted to the ones who did the same thing for me when I first started. One of those guys who since passed on was David Olson.

I know I post on here for anyone to read, but if it’s someone in my home state asking the question I won’t respond with info that will help them against me. Just makes me feel a little better.

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Nothing wrong with that. Years ago I use to let some local guys starting out to go out with my guys to learn the ropes. I actually even paid them per hour to do some of the work as well.

The problem came when I started to get more calls from contractors in my area for them to do this with my guys as well. That’s when I put a stop to this. I did form some good relationships in the process but my goal was never to make money off of fellow contractors. My goal has always been to make money by being a true blue contractor only.

So teaching my competition wasn’t for me. I do network with my competition all the time and I got some of our biggest jobs thru them. Networking is the name of the game in my book.

I believe most give advice to stroke their egos and feel important.

It works for me.

That, and I like to help stranded travelers, little old ladies, and those that don’t really have other options.

I like helping little old ladies and others as well. But not guys who come to the boards asking questions about how a turbo nozzle works, how to clean tennis courts, the best way to wash something etc… Figure it out yourself and you will be beholding to no one. If you can’t figure it out you don’t need to be in business to begin with.

My point,


I’ll help wherever I can. Not everyone has the time or resources to experiment until they get it right. I’m pretty new here as well but in my other business as a handyman I encourage people to call and ask questions. Advice is free.

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No advice is free. It comes at a price from either the giver or taker.

Thanks for the superfluous amendment to my last statement. I suppose you may be correct as it did COST me a little happiness reading it. Hahaha

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