Why do posts get Held or moderator?

Just curious, it’s frustrating.

I don’t know. I thought it stopped after I reset your user.
I’ll send it to our tech guru.


We are working to resolve this for you Tim, I believe it is some sort of VBulletin glitch. Hope to have it resolved very soon.

I think when you post multiple links then it goes to moderation.

I posted a reply to a thread days ago… still not showing up. Posted one this morning and its there instantly. Not sure how they treat new members as far as moderation but it does make you not want to post.

Go back to your browsers history and see if you actually posted or just typed it out and didn’t post. You will see a blank page that says something like,restore saved content or something like that. Then you will know. I did that a few times, thinking I posted when I really didn’t. Unless of course a moderator deleted your reply because he thought it was inappropriate or irrelevant to the discussion.

Of course I posted it… afterwards it said a moderator had to approve it. If he thought my post was inappropriate or irrelevant to the discussion then they need a better mod staff.

The simple fact is why should anyone take the time to post a reply and share their experience if the post is simply going to be held up in moderation. I’m sure they hold the first couple to aid in stopping spam posts.

As a long time user of vBulletin both as a user and a administrator, I know how it works.

It’s their board they can do whatever they want.

The only time a post should be held for moderation if it is the first post by a new member. It’s a spam deterrent.

The moderation queue gets checked twice a day for new posts to be approved. We only remove a post if it’s spam. I apologize that you had a frustrating experience. Was it your first post?

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What we want to do is provide an easy to use, laid back forum.


VBulletin can be glitchy, especially as features and modules are added. We try to stay on top of it and we have a phenomenal tech guru for issues that are beyond our expertise. Some we notice right away, some we don’t see unless it’s brought to our attention.

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Yea once a new member gets 1 legit post through, no further posts are held in moderation. Its an auto thing, but as Thad said we approve them twice a day.

How many posts are required before new users start seeing their posts?

They just have to have the first one approved by a moderator so the spammers don’t get through.

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