Whos is your client?

Who is your client? How did you decide who they are, where they come from and what they are worth? Do you feel anyone is your client? Why? How much time do you spend looking for your best client and what are they worth to your business?

Terry, excellent question. My customer doesn’t randomly call every name they can find to get 3 quotes and choose the lowest bidder. With my customer, price isn’t in the top two main concerns. My customer hires me because they are either informed and ask questions or they are my customer because they trust my professionalism that they know I will do the job right and I have the knowledge to preform the task at hand. My customer is one who is open minded and is prepared to be educated on the proper way to clean. My customer is one who values their time and knows calling a professional in the long run is a better time management choice.

That’s an excellent answer, couldn’t have done any better myself, I would like to use that quote sometime for future use if you didn’t mind. Totally understand if you do, thanks

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No problem:)

My inability to answer this confidently is what haunts every major marketing and business decision. Our versatility has been very helpful but it may very we’ll be what puts me in the grave earlyLOL

Anyone in the Charlotte and the surrounding areas that have a vinyl house, that would like it to be washed, clean and free of mold and mildew, is our target client!!

Adding for Dave… As long as that person has the ability to pay. The free washes are available on a very limited basis.

That is a really good question. I think it takes a lot of trial and error to determine this and figure out what works best for your market/equipment/business model.

We are going to start targeting Vinyl sided homes in our area, but also target some commercial to create a year round customer to keep us busy when the residential drops off during the colder months.

Chris who is building your trailer?

Professionals are cheaper than amatuers, hire the amatuer first and you will see what I mean!