Who would u like to see at a PWRA event?

I seen plenty of good speakers that were Powerwashers and some that weren’t. If there a good speaker then it doesn’t matter what field there in because you can learn from anyone as long as there good speakers and they know what there talking about.

In this industry there Is a good young kid who speaks well and he IMHO is going places. His name is DJ Carrol and he’s from the Kentucky area. I responded in post with him in the past. I also had to defend him from attacks he got from a certain place on the net… Probably because of jealousy as to why this person was attacking him… Bit that doesn’t matter.

I seen a few of DJ’s VLOGS and he’s good. He is very young but he has his own building where they had a ceremonial open with, he does Powerwashing, Landscaping, Christmasts for a town etc. He is probably at most 25 if not younger. He has it. Once again Michael Krielse would be a good guy to contact to get some more thoughts about DJ because they know of each other… But DJ I wouldn’t mind seeing at a PWRA event. A young stud up and coming who speaks very well and is obviously bright… Is a winning combo… And all of this IMHO only.

So who would you like to see at a PWRA convention/Event?

One of of DJ Carrols links. Killing Prospect's Fears - Overcoming objections - YouTube
If you go on YouTube you can view a few more of them. Not bad for a Youngster:)

Is DJ a PWRA member yet?

I do not believe so…but I’m 25 years old (for another month) and have a power washing, window cleaning and
gutter cleaning business. And we are also launching our second branch in September!!

Hey Chris, September 19th…you know anyone else with that b-day??

Hey Kyle very impressive to say the least. Pass the word about the assoc. So we can all surround ourselves with winners and likeminded individuals and companies. If you can believe this - I use to belong to a group that was only about errr 350,000 members when I was at my “Other” job before I hung it up. Let’s build these assoc. and orgs that we believe in to give the Powerwashers and in your case also the window cleaners also a voice to be reckon with… 2nd rate respect is no longer enough… Small businesses(less then 50 employees) have been carrying this country all along… Look it up if there are doubts… Time this industry steps it up because they should be up there with the other business industries in this country---- dream big;)

John they all want to hear me speak.

I’ll give them the full monty.I’ll honestly tell them to really research this industry before they buy any equipment and make sure they understand that it’s not a get rich quick business.IMO there is to much fluff fed to newbies they need to hear the cold hard facts.
Ask DJ who it was he called almost daily for pricing advice on commercial bids? I know the answer and so does my wife

I think DJ’s drive is awesome,but with success should come some humility something the kid hasn’t learned.I on the other hand have learned that if a contractor who isn’t on my favorite persons list doesn’t get free info anymore.Everyone else can make a dollar charging for their knowledge I might as well also.
By the way did you know I can and have written employee handbooks in the past,present and I’m sure I will in the future.I can teach you and other contractor how to train employees to do the job and do it right without the need to pay bonuses.Yeah I have some skills outside of pressure washing,but every time I have tried to promote my knowledge to make some extra money people have acted as though I’m being greedy for wanted to put food on my family’s table with the things I know.
But look at the others in the industry cashing in Doug R.,DJ and a handful of other who can blow their smoke at the sheeple and they all get a pat on the back.I’m happy to see guys get ahead,but less happy the same guys forget where their knowledge of came from.I willing sacrificed of myself because I wanted to do the right thing…now I’m doing the “pay me sucker” if you want to know what I know thing.

Eric Thomas

Hey Scott -I know where some of these guys learned the ropes and yes some did learn from guys like us who have been around awhile. There were guys who use to call or email me when they were starting out who today are teaching stuff in this business. Also the school that you and I attended arent around as much since there’s now the info hwy called the internet. That School is called “The School of hard knocks”. Also some of the guys I learn from are still in this business and some are gone or sadly have passed away such as David Olson. Where not spring chickens anymore…

Buuuuttttt… Doesn’t mean we can’t teach or do whatever works for us. Remember Cujo Cooley? He was getting into teaching about Marketing when he was a Powerwasher. He gave it a go but he fell on hard times and some brutally bad luck.

If you want to teach go for it bro. We all have a right to make money in our selective trades. To me the best teachers in the trades are the ones who actually really did let’s say Powerwashing and they were good at it. If teaching is in your cards I would definitely go for it. The only ones who I personally have ever had a problem with are the ones who try to pull the wool over people’s eyes by promoting delusions of grander which basically means there promoting something there NOT.

The Two things you have which are a very valuable commodity is “EXPERIENCE & LONGEVITY” and that can’t be disputed. Good luck in whatever direction you go:cool:

I have been watching DJ for a year or so now. He is going to do really well in life.

I wish I was as ambitious as DJ is at his age… Ummmm I don’t remember those years to well:rolleyes:

Yea me to… Oh the time wasted…

We were looking for info to begin planning something for 2013, but [B][I]why wait!?


[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Times]We are pleased to announce that the PWRA will sponsor Jeremy Kiefer’s marketing and networking event in Huntsville, AL!

Topics covered will include:
[]Out of the Box Marketing
]Motivation for SUCCESS
[]Building a PW Website
]Quickbooks tutorial
[]Commercial Sales Strategies
]What You Need to Know about the DOT
[]Direct Mail Strategies and Implementation
]Consultative Residential Sales
[*]and MORE!
Registration will be up soon, so watch for it![/FONT][/COLOR]

Thad/Chris/John T. -

I think there would be a big value add to have Steve Wright with The Customer Factor do a session on customer contact/management with things like email campaigns and followup and other stuff that his software can do. Something to educate contractors on the merits of good customer service with email or letter contacts and followup. Since he is a partner/provider with discounts to PWRA members, could be a way to showcase the software. Not sure politically what the PWRA stance is on vendor participation etc.

Sounds interesting Bob. I’m only a supporter and member of the PWRA but those idea’s people like you have are good to direct them to Thad & Chris and maybe even the PWRA members to see what they think…

The city purchasing officer who came from NOLA gave an amazingly informative presentation a few years ago. I don’t pursue government projects right now, but if I ever decide too, I’ll have a huge advantage.

Well being a PWRA member, now you have free gov and state leads!

Micah, do you remember what he said about price? Do they usually go for the lowest price?

I won’t share everything from the class, to show respect for the people to made the sacrifices to be there…

But no, they are generally not looking for the lowest price. They are looking for contractors who can show they are responsible and responsive.

Thanks, Chris said they’ve won some big gov accounts even being the highest bidder so I just wanted to see if they always go for lowest bid. From my experience in the janitorial industry and from checking state website on awarded bids, they’ve always went with the lowest bid. In some cases awarded bids were 3-4 times lower than the other reasonable bids. In most cases, awarded bids were lower and lower each year.

I guess not all institutions are the same and it could also depend on services they’re purchasing. For instance, pressure washing is more technical than janitorial so they might look at other factors like you said, and not just the price.

Mirnes-That’s not always true. I’ve seen where they kicked out the 2 lowest bids and the two highest Bids off that bat. This is when there are multiple bids in the range of around 10. Its a tough business to try and figure out what price there willing to settle on.
Here’s my theory because I’m getting ready to bid on another parking garage bid which is 1,400,000 sq’. I’m looking how much I want to make. I can now Powerwash with over 40 GPM at 3500-4000 psi. 27+gpm at 200 degrees. So now I measure everything like always but I’m looking at the bottom line which is how much profit do I need to make. There’s all kinds of variables and if you can be profitable because of what you have and who you employ etc… there’s all kinds of money that can be made… but to get there in my case I had to spend it to make it.

Love to see a convention …Vegas , south beach, keys, Nashville ect…somewhere fun! and a place that we haven’t been too. 5-7 day cruise …lets start not only writing these trips off and learning but being able to bring the wife’s , GF’s ect… Love to see a 5-7 day trip…Couple of hours of learning more hours of vacationing…
Scott I feel what you are saying …I know I have had your number on speed dial for along time, and others. Thanks …