Who’s at the huge convention in Branson?!?!?

Would love to meet everyone! Easy to find us look for two guys in blue shirts trying to figure out where to go! :rofl:


Jealous of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure and ask them why they haven’t fixed the search function yet.


I would ask but in All honesty it looks like they sold out the PWRA or WRCA huge convention to “Conquer” or that’s what it seems. Everything is branded and set to try and get you to join the group.

Branson is a super nice town though. Brought two employees with me and they are loving it so far.

Staying at a nice gated condo with a pool and arcade lol

Good tax write off I guess


Be strong. Don’t get sucked in lol

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I don’t think I could take being in the same building with that many snake oil salesman…then again, it could be kinda fun. I’d probably get kicked out for sure lol

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Honestly not bad, a lot of good people. Good vendors and people that genuinely want to help.

I’ll listen to anyone who is where I want to be in a few years.

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I think Conquer is a great thing, I hope to be in a place to join next year.

Goal is to have another truck and office lady so I have time to implement the things they talk about.

Feel like right now it would be a waste because I don’t have much free time to implement new changes

Branson is cool. I’ve just been 1000 times in my life. I will miss the content and meeting people, but this year I just wasn’t feeling it.

Probably because I’ve taken so much time off I love it more than I ever loved the thought of growing into a mega company and don’t want to learn about growth. Lol


Them medicine women are strong like bull and addictive @squidskc . I know, I married one. :+1:


Lets see, lawrence from powerwashingpros is there, along with jonlange. Thats all i know of.


Well I think you all missed out big time if you didn’t go! We we’re encouraged and motivated big time and got a lot of helpful advice. Also many good vendors! We signed up with SendJim and responsibid to help sell more jobs and make life easier. We’re also considering jill’s office which is a phone answering service. Got a few other ideas as well. The conquer coaching group sounds awesome so we’d love to do that maybe in the next year or two!

I’m actually still in Branson. The convention was great. Top notch business minded speakers sharing workable concepts to improve my business. Got to re-connect with lots of old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Met a few new ones that I had only previously known online. Found out one YouTube guy I thought was cool was actually a real prick, and one I thought was full of himself was a really a humble and friendly guy. Spent 4 or 5 hours in the vendor hall getting my hands on everything they would let me touch and getting a million questions answered. Saw a fantastic musical last night and now we’re hanging out in Branson doing all the cool entertainment stuff and shopping for the weekend, then heading back Monday. Almost can’t wait for next year’s convention in Atlanta.


If i knew you would be at a convention, id go just to snap your pic.


I’m coming to the Atlanta one.

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Who else is going?

We’ll ,I was…Now ,not so sure. To much riff raff. :joy:,yuckah,yucka

Good id hate to trip over your beard.


If you do bring some real country ham for me to try

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