Who is going to The 2013 PWRA convention in Nashville?

Give a shout out here if you are going!

So far they have 180+ contractors from over 100 companies plus 32 vendor attendees coming to Nashville. The dates are August 24 and 25 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN

You can get all the details here http://pressurewashingconvention.com/

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP AND COME!!! When ordering your tickets, Use the code “25off” to save $25

Me, my biz partner, and operations manager.

That’s great, how far is the trip for you guys ?

Its almost 1,000 miles. We have non-stop flights from SA to Nashville, so it’s only a couple hours

Me and my business partners will be there too. That would be the wife and son. Haha.


My wife and I will be there…
9.5 hour drive. We will be spending a couple extra days to celebrate our 20th

Girlfriend and I will be there.

Trying to get my better half to let me leave…

If you need permission you should just stay home! Hahaha.

Can’t wait… I’ll be there!

Clay Doggett
BlueLine Pressure Washing

I’ll be there. I need a room but I will be there.

Hey John, I think Charles Soden is looking for someone to split a room with.

I think the stars are aligning so that I split it with him. I wanted to bring my daughter but it looks like I may not have that option this go around. I should just make the decision, give him some money for the room and call it done before someone else does…

Go for it John. Look forward to meeting you there.

We’ll be there. Lots of specials, Roof Snot, Lemon-Aid, hoses, Hydro Tek pressure washers.

We’ll be giving away a set of 2 Summit 12" hose reels and a stack kit.

Look forward to meeting you John.

If you’re coming and haven’t bought your ticket do it now. Name tags will be printed this week.


I bought a ticket for myself and my son. I also told my wife that she could attend whatever sessions she chooses. Should I buy her a ticket also as I don’t remember filling out her information when I purchased the tickets?

I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure you did.