Who has Siamese pwer


Does any one Siamese there pressure washer together if so pros and cons??


One thing that’s hard to get used to is that running two machines makes it had to know when one doesn’t sound quite right.

One benefit is that you can uncouple them and have two people working separately when needed.


Pro: more flow
Con: even with check valves can still put more wear and tear on unloader, use twice as much fuel,

Just fyi, the pressure is reduced to the lowest of the two machines.


Good info to know.


So just hooked my direct drive and belt drive… My direct drive doesn’t pull as fast as the belt drive of course so it pulsantes and there has to be a way to make it keep up suggestions would be nice and helpful


Maybe you could post some photos or a video of your setup. Might make it easier to help.


Direct drives have the most problems pulling from a tank, the only thing you can do is elevate the water source, have more water in the buffer so gravity helps to force more in the pw, or get a pump to go in between the buffer and pw.
Make sure you have no air leaks.
but realistically buy a gear drive


I’m up and running 8 gpm at 3k :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Can you post a picture of your setup? I’m hoping to do the same thing.


Yea I will its easy don’t buy a kit it is cheaper to make it


Sorry for bringing back an old post. Are there limitations to tying two machines together. I have a 5.5 GPM 2500psi that I primarily use and a 3.5 GP 4000PSI that I used to use. Can I put them both together?