Who Has Satellite Radio?

What’s the best company?
Anything big to be aware of?

I think XM and Sirius merged and I think they are the powerhouses. I don’t know who else is a player in that market. I have XM

I used to have XM in 2005. It was cool at the time. If your car stereo has an aux port, and your cellphone has Pandora, I can’t see the point in satellite radio anymore though

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If you were paying Verizon’s data rates you might! I was unlimited with Sprint and it was all Pandora, all the time.

I had my stations perfected:
With the Quickness
Monster Magnet
If Only
Burning Brides

Yeah, luckily I was grandfathered in to Verizon’s unlimited data plan. Unfortunately, now they won’t let me upgrade my phone without paying full retail price unless I change my data plan. When I signed up with them they said unlimited data for $30 a month and discounted rate on new phone every two years. I guess they’re not allowed to up my rates unless I change my plan, but for some reason they’re not obligated to stick to their word about the new phone.

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