Who has a new iPhone 5 on the way?

Youll like going that way… Everyone can use Imessage and Facetime

Cool features. I hear the battery has a long life, looking forward to that.

Sadly, my 5 has a terrible battery life which is my only complaint so far. My 4 has had its battery life keep going down and I think my 5 is equal now to my run down 4 battery

I had to close down all the apps that were running and then reboot. The battery life has been good since I did that

There may be a bunch of notifications you can turn off. Also turning down the screen brightness can conserve battery life. There’s also a bunch of tips and tricks to conserving battery life on an iphone if you do a quick Google search. It’s helped me. The only thing that seems to suck the life out of my battery is the Voxer app.

I run everything just like I did with all my other iPhones and the notifications set the same way, but I also live on my phone too

You should call Seth some, too, so he will understand.

Got mine today, activating it tomorrow

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How you liking it?

Well I don’t like having to do a search to call my wife. On the droid I had an icon on my home screen that I just tapped to auto call. I hope someone here will tell me there is some way to do this on the IPhone. Overall works pretty good. Give me a few more weeks and I will give my pros and cons.

You can set your wife’s number as a favorite. Press the phone button, then press the star (favorites) on the bottom left of the screen.

I hear Thad is soooo excited to get his iPhone 5!

Thanks, not exactly what I wanted but way faster than a search.

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On my four I just hold the button and tell the woman that answers to call my wife.

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Me too

Using it now

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Tried it and it works great!!