Who has a new iPhone 5 on the way?

I guess I’m on the verge of being assimilated- I went on apple.com and ordered a 32GB iPhone 5. It is my first first into iPhones. I hope I don’t regret it.
I did get the black one, though, since I’m not a total fanboi and I still like girls.

Who else is getting one?

I got mine ordered should be here the 21st from Verizon.

I like my android :slight_smile:

I’ll get it, but I have learned since buying 3 different iPhones is to wait a couple of weeks or a month after release, because, inevitably they have a glitch or two and usually have them worked out by then. I will have my new iPhone 5 before the November Workshop…

I won’t get mine for a month. Hopefully that’s enough time for the first adopters to suss it out.

Anya woke up at 2:55. Ordered online and was back in bed at 3:04.

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I tried a few times but the server kept timing out, Ill probably upgrade in a month or so… Although I dont even know why Ill bother… Ill end up breaking it in a month or so after receiving it like all the other versions…

I gotta say, Im not super impressed with this upgrade… But what you think about what you get its worth it… The camera alone and the face that you always have it with you is very valuable…

whats the big difference between the 4 and the 5?

Screen size
improved Siri


Is available tomm so if you have an iphone 4 you can get the new OS… That looks pretty slick, new maps, passbook, etc…
They say there is over 200 additions / improvements in that.

mine dosent have siri so I guess its older than I thought.

A bigger screen would be nice.

Droid does…

2 years ago I was sworn to the droid phone. Then I bought an ipad1 next was an iPhone 4 now the iPhone 5. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Since I pretty much run my business from my iPad 4g the compatibility with the iPhone makes it a no brainier for me.

downloading IO6 now, it started over 1/2 hr ago… Thats a BIG file!!

Got mine on Friday

Im really digging the turn by turn mapping… I took a long rd trip yesterday and it was dead on… + super easy to use…

Saw this today, had me laughing big time lol


sorry but i love my android cell.

I finally broke down and order the IPhone 5. It will be in mid October. Been using the Droid for years but the app for my database only works on the IPhone so I am making the change. Guess it is time since the entire family is on the IPhone.

I love the new iOS six. An early upgrade will cost me $450. So I may just wait