Who handles your web hosting?

Oh, one more thing. Make sure to resize your images to no larger than 500px on the longest side at a resolution of 72 (a monitor can’t see any better than 72 so you are wasting space each time it loads). Uh, I’ve been a pro photographer since '74 so and have 1000’s of photos on my photo site without running out of bandwidth by resizing.

Yeah, I was getting ready to start learning WordPress for some sites I need but with the [B]new killer member discount from Ambidextrous Services[/B] I don’t have to have a “look Mommy, I did it myself!” website!

I was never much into the “I Love Me” walls - or sites. I just figure I’m not working enough yet to take up all of my time so I might as well keep control of the site stuff (control freak I guess). Besides, $700 to $1300 goes a long way toward a nice night out with the wife (or a new pressure washer if she doesn’t know about the savings).

Good luck with your new site design though… they have some nice templates to work with.

I was definitely referring to my skill level, not yours.