Who handles your web hosting?

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</header>Many people have questions when it comes to web hosting. Which host should I choose? How much will it cost? How much should it cost? Is it secure? What about backups? The most important question, though, is “What do I want to achieve with my site-what is my main goal?”. Maybe you want to sell your own products or maybe you want to create a forum on your favorite subject for people to connect. Once you’ve determined what your website will do and be about you can find the answer the your questions more easily.
If you are currently searching for a web host you might be in the same situation as many people are: You want to put up your own website but it’s all kind of overwhelming when it comes to site programming, domain registration and other technical stuff.
My advice if you’re just starting out is: Take it slow and don’t panic.
The best web hosts out there are the ones that will help you thru it all. Some will even handle it for you! The trick is, as with most things, you get what you pay for. The cheapest web host out there may not offer you any support, they’ll just take your money and assume you know what you are doing. Find a web host that is willing to answer your questions and walk you thru step-by-step BEFORE you buy a package. If they will help you before you send them money, odds are, they’ll be there for you later.

So who do YOU use?

Godaddy cuz on Danica! Haha

web masters for 2, web.com for one, and go daddy for one


Go daddy for me too.

Yahoo for $114/yr and last year it generated over $90,000 when the Yellow pages cost me $5000 and we grossed like $2000 from it… It’s all about the net these days mostly for sure. Don’t get crossed up on the $90,000 here where it’s probably the same as $30,000 at most other places. Give you a better idea to see where these numbers are… We pay just about $12,000yr for taxes on our huge 1/3 acre estate errrr property. Either way for the $114 spent it was by far the best investment we ever did for my business.

$114 a year WOW! The most I have payed was 40 a year and I thought that was high. Now I pay nothing for two sites thanks to Steve at the customer factor.

I have to look at moving my site over. It just one of those things I never get around to.

I’m afraid to touch my site because it ranks well here… So I eat the $114… But I also ate $1000’s for years that were no longer doing well which was called a Yellow pages sandwich.

Arvixe. Hey John, just because you move a site doesn’t mean you lose your domain name or the the ranking. The search engines don’t pay much attention to where you live, they only pay attention to what you do while you are living there! Okay, that wasn’t that good of an explanation.

Actually a pretty good explanation.

Hey Dave makes sense. My marketing on the internet will change soon but me personally I don’t touch anything I’m clueless about. If a $114 is considered a lot to host a site I’ll have to pass that on to my webmaster. He says move it then I’ll pay him to move it… Put it into laymans terms my kids are better doing computer stuff then I could ever could be :cool:

John for 90,000 in business 14 a month is a bargin

Anya handles mine now…she just transferred it for right now (Webfirst created it) but she will be revamping it soon!


John, if you have someone managing your site and hosting it all for $114 per year, stay with them if you like their work. I used to design, host and manage sites and I could get that per month from some accounts. I did a LaQuinta site and hosted them and they made me raise the price I quoted them (this is true - I thought it was funny - I told them I wasn’t going to have to work that hard and they still wanted me to charge more so they could feel like they were getting a great designer. Go Figure)…! I saw your site, pay the $114. If your web guy charges you a little more for odds and ends but manages everything well… still worth it. Yahoo isn’t all that cheap.

Sorry, one more thing… Why do you seem so surprised that I made sense? :slight_smile:

No I wasn’t surprised about what you said but what I was surprised about is another guy on the net is way smarter then me once again
When it comes to web anything for there business. It’s like I have a mental block when it comes to computer talk. It bores me to tears even though i know how important it is to know this stuff so I pay others to figure it out for me because a 4th grader knows more then I do on this:eek:

We have been through like 5 different hosts over the past few years… But because of increased traffic I finally broke down and got a dedicated server. Expensive but worth it for almost constant uptime.

Next time you decide to move your site, check out Arvixe. I have been with them for about five years now and they are very reasonable. You can also host multiple sites at one low price (I sound like a salesman - I am not, though). Also, it looks like you are using WordPress or similar. Be careful to shut off comments or they can use up bandwidth very quickly. You would have to have hundreds or even thousands of hits per day to exceed your bandwidth unless you are with a smaller local guy who keeps the bandwidth low so he doesn’t have to pay more.

Also, if you are using WordPress, you don’t really need a web designer, you can do it yourself. There is a little learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quick and you can make immediate changes instead of waiting for the designer to do it.

Just a thought…