Who else reads EClean Magazine?

Personally I think EClean magazine eClean Magazine | The professional contract cleaner online resource is excellent!!

I’ve been around now for a fairly long time in the pressure washing business and EClean is one of my automatic “must read” magazines to keep me ahead of the curve in my area. I enjoy the articles and also reading about people that I had the honor to meet or had some type of contact with during my “Powerwashing” career.

So who else reads EClean and what’s your thoughts on it?

As a new business owner in the industry I would say that so far it has been a MUST READ for me! I really enjoy it and I think Allison does a great job with it! FYI I normally hate online magazines! I’m old school and prefer to feel the paper in my hands but I’m being converted with the quality eClean offers me

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Hey Aritt-I am old school to where I like the mag in my hand like I do with my newspaper every morning. I miss the heck out of blockbuster and only having 52 channels instead of 1500 where now I cant ever find something to watch-go figure.

All that aside, I’m slowly starting to read almost everything now from my PC’s & eClean magazine is something I enjoy reading with the ease of my I-Pad. How life is changing.

I look forward to each new issue that comes out. I get an email from issu that says it is available.

Reading online took me a little getting used to also. I like the magazine a lot. Good articles and tips. Good to know where and when events are.

eClean really does a great job of covering a variety of topics. I read every issue.