Who do you get in touch with

OK so there are alot of us that want one guy gone he gives wrong advice on purpose and is bad mouthing people…“thinktoomuch” is the username so if someone can tell me who to contact. Thanks

… You need to get out there and wash some homes and get some experience and make some mistakes. I’m not giving wrong advice. I’ve washed a 1000 homes and one screw up… Had to re-paint a garage door --BIG DEAL ! 13 years. One screw up… You need to get out there and get to washing and stop relying on this message board for all your information. You can only read so much. Get out there and work. I know what i’m doing…It’s excellent advice. Try it out sometime. It’s been tried and tested.

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…I’m… a…BIG… screw up…[/quote]

hey guys, I’m new does anyone know why my posts r getting edited when I do a quote? I’m not very good at internet


I don’t know.

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That is so wrong


In 13 years a 1000 houses no that many in that time period. What’s the name of your business??? I want to see all this work decks,houses and all the nonsense you speak of

And I have experience I don’t wash houses very much it’s not really a cash cow here driveway sidewalks fences patios and store fronts are

I’ve washed 999 more houses than you !--------- So i’m not doing too bad.

What is your company name and where is it located there’s a guy in my town has a van I was wondering do u use a 5 hp pwer cause this guy has no where close to a18 hp thought maybe it was you

yea,it’s me.I’m going to put you out of business !! Get ready !

But you don’t have a company it looks like you or he live out of the van

No mercy b!tches!

Why can’t you tell us the name of your business

Put me out of business ha when you have all the necessary stuff and a good reputation around our town I’ve been called to go over a few of your house you did bet you did know I was so close

I went to your town on google street view…Looks like the whole entire town was built in 1965 .

It actually from the 1950 where you from???