Whisper wash classic wrong purchase :(

I bought the 20" classic when I should have bought the 16". I have a4gpm 4000psi machine. Can I change tips to stick with the 4/4 rule.

I just found the answer

The 20" will work fine with your machine, may just have to walk a tad slower on really dirty stuff. The 4" per gal is just a rough guide, and not a very good one.


Thanks for the confirmation. I’m sure once I get some paid trigger time I’ll be doing most of the cleaning process slowly until I get myself and gear dialed in.

I’m using a 20" with 4gpm, it works fine. Like Racer said you just need to go a little slower.

I’ve read this before. So what would be? Just trial and error?

I’d like to upgrade from a 21" for next year on a 7gpm.

16 to 19 inch is perfect size for 7 gpm

Oh. I was hoping to go bigger. Oh well. :confused:

You can, but depends on what most of your cleaning is going to be. Big difference between small drives and sidewalks and a parking garage. I like having a few difference sizes, but I use my 20" most the time.

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No garages. Sidewalks, dumpster pads, drive thrus.

You want something pretty maneuverable. I just ordered a 24" today myself. Little bigger than my 20" classic but still can get around most places pretty easy. I have a 32" I never use.


Mm, interesting. Casters?

I went with another floater. So much of my stuff on hills that anything on rollers always wanting to roll away

I have a 16 in ww and I have the 20 in hammerhead … I like the hammerhead way better than my ww … this is just my opinion though but I almost never use the ww… I think it was a waste of money but most people stand by them … like I said this is just my experience !

Could you elaborate?

Interesting. I had never considered that before.

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Hey … not really haha it’s hard to explain if you haven’t used them both … but for me I think that the hammerhead cleans better . I have to walk a little slower but nothing that makes a difference … i also like the feel of the hammerhead to it’s heavier … both have the same tips so I think they are on an even playing field … I just always go for the hammerhead

It’s important to consider your supply side if you aren’t moving fast enough. Are you using 3/4” ID GARDEN HOSE to supply your pressure washer? Are you plumbed to a tank using 1” non-collapsible suction hose with an 80 mesh inline filter minimal fittings and no hard pipe no extra elbows? Get rid of camlocks and extra garden hose fittings on the suction side of the pump.

If you have a direct drive pw, use two 2.5 25 getter nozzles. Remove extra fittings and quick connects. Remove the chemical injector when not in using. It severely restricts flow especially when surface cleaning. You can even bypass your hose reel altogether if need to help pick up speed.

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@Innocentbystander - I am needing a new SC for my 5 gpm, was going for another 20 inch, but after reading other post sound like WW ultra may be the way to go. 16 inch wont cover as much ground, but i am thinking i would be able to pick up speed and get just as much or more done. Also running a 7gpm and looking to replace my 24 inch. Any suggestions?

16 inch all day long