Which surface cleaner

Hey guys I’ve only used a general pump 20 inch but I’ve seen these in a pawn shop today. Both are 20 inch. I can get either one for $200. Simpson and wisper wash classic. Is this a good deal?


I.b i believe you once said to get a whisper washer.

Not the classic. It has the trigger built into it and you have to use a ball valve. Ultra/eagle wash is about the only decent one in the market now.

I don’t think I’ve seen a whisper wash. You said it need a ball valve, as in it’ll keep running constantly unless you install a ball valve at the end?

Sure. Like perpetual motion.

$289 & free shipping - http://www.watercannon.com/p-51-18-inches-8gpm-4000psi-surface-cleaner-general-pump.aspx

I bought this one. I know other people here don’t approve. But it is new and has been working well for me. I also don’t do this for a day job like a lot of these guys though. But for my pressure washing budget and where I am right now, I think this was the right purchase for me.

I did just have to order a ball valve setup though because switching back and forth from wand to surface cleaner with this unit is a hassle. If you take IBS’s advice, you won’t have to ball valve at the end of your hose at all.

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I’m sure the guy who purchased that WW Classic would love to have it back, along with the name of the guy who pawned it.

It is a “steal” at $200. (“Steal” being the operative word)

My opinion, the WW is too good a deal to pass up.


Are those 16" or 20"

The Pawnshop probably paid $70 or less. I had a friend in the industry and it’s kind of crazy. A lot of their customers keep stuffed pawned for years. :fearful:

I gave it a test run before I was to buy it and it didn’t work properly.

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