Which PW to get?

Need some pro advice…
I have 4k$ to spend on a hot water unit… I have a 6’x10’ trailer and a 300 gal tank already. Should I get a Northstar skid 4000x4gpm 12v upright burner new, or a Landa 4000x4gpm belt drive, 110v horizontal burner used skid? The Landa has a new burner tube in it. Since I am new to the business, I wasn’t sure where to start. I have been using a 3300x3gpm cold water setup for a year now. I’m trying to step up & get my business license, bond & ins so I can pick up more commercial work. Thanks for all the advice!! I am learning so much here…

Landas are tough to beat. I haven’t heard anything good about Northstar.
Anybody else?

I had a North star 3.5 3500 diesel hot unit at one time… The hot was ‘done’ when I bought it heavily used from someone. To be fair it kept producing cold pressure for quite some time without many other problems… well, until the sight glass exploded in a shower of hot oil all over my truck that is lmao. So I guess you wouldn’t say I’m recommending Nstar units but not trying to put anyone off either, seem hardy enough - mine was very well used.

I’d probably go with the used unit if in your shoes :thumbup:

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I’d keep checking craigslist. I bought a used hot water 3500 psi 5 pgm hydrotek for $650.00 last winter. I think there’s one for $2k right now.

I just noticed the GPMs on both those units. You should be able to get a great used 5.5 or even 8 for less than $4G.
Michael Kreisle just sold a like-new 5.5 for less than $3G.

I’ve been watching CL for the past month in my locale or within 150 miles. Most of the units are either new and proud of them, or worn out, leaking water, or already on a crummy trailer. I have been trying the local PW dealers, that’s where I found the Landa. They also have a nice skid that is 5000x5 gpm for 4500 ish $. Just starting out, I don’t think I should start out with anything that powerful…This newbie would be tearing up some s*&t.

look up north. Most power washers have been shut down for a while. You could be too late for a christmas sale though.

Ken at Xterior has a used 5.5 Gpm for sale.


Dang it, sold…
Don’t know how much $ I would have saved though, that’s an 11 hour drive for me…

The second unit is a 5.5 from.

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Thanks for all the tips, I ended up going with the 5000/5gpm Alkota. The 25hp Kohler has 1000 hrs. They are doing a yearly service on it now, hopefully picking it up this week. Dang, now I have to change out all my accessories to 5k psi stuff. More $ :frowning:

Which brings me to my next question.
Since my surface cleaner and extension pole are rated at 4k psi, is it safe or OK to turn the pressure down when using these accessories? My unloader will be dumping back into my buffer tank.

I’d have them change the pump to a 3000 psi…8 gpm pump.

5000 psi is too extreme and IMO useless. Gpm is more important than psi.

That would be a killer rig. Much more useable.

I agree, I laugh every time I walk through a box store and see one of those 4000 PSI machines that puts out 1.2 to 2.5 GPM. I feel sorry for the person that buys it thinking there going to be a Power Washer now.

Thanks for all the info, I am learning sooo much. The 5000/5 gpm is the most gpm I can find around here without buying a new pump :frowning:
I will buy new nozzles for my surface cleaner and extension pole to drop my pressure down to 3500 or 4000 psi.

Pump switch would be between $850.00-$1000.00…Do you understand the total difference in 5gpm verses 8gpm? You will increase your speed by at least 1/3.

Does it make that much of a difference??? So much so that we’ve got two 8 gpm machines on each trailer.

Thanks for taking the time to explain things to the newbie Guy. I am putting a higher flow pump on my wish list. I need to establish some bigger, dependable clientele in order to justify spending that kind of $$. I gotta start somewhere …
I am trying to pay cash for all my equipment ( no financing ) as I go, and constantly improving it as I learn what works best for me. I’m still learning how I want my trailer to be laid out initially. I have an engineering degree, so I want to make it safe & efficient, not ghetto.
Once again, thanks everyone for their input…Sonny

Please reread what you just wrote and reconsider using five thousand pounds per square inch of pressure. It is neither safe or efficient for a person new to the business. There is nothing goood that can come from such excessive pressure. It’s harder on equipment, it’s harder on the body handling it and it has the potential to do so much damage when something goes wrong that you owe it to your family to reconsider.

It’s not often that you’ll hear Guy describe something as too extreme and perhaps useless. There is a reason he did it in this thread.