Which pressure washer would you get

I’m finally upgrading from a 4 to an 8gpm unit but I can’t decide which unit I want. Would you get a belt drive general pump with gates poly chain or an udor with vbelt? I appreciate any helpful insight. I don’t know anything about the poly chain but it’s rated for 10,000 hours so it’s drawing my interest even though I know the udor is the better pump.

Udor without question

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The poly chain isn’t worth it? I haven’t heard or read much about them but it sounds great on paper.

Belt driven udor

I can get the poly chain udor for a couple hundred more. I guess my question needs rephrased, is a vbelt drive udor or polychain udor better?

Poly belt is better, there’s no belt slip

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What @Chesebro said is probably try about slippage. I’ve never had a belt slip except the first few seconds if it’s pouring rain. Takes to minutes to change belts if the break. I would guess it would take longer on a poly chain.

Good enough response to not warrant blowing an extra $300 on the poly. Udor belt drive on a 690 here I come.

Thanks for the responses and advice!


Go with the V belt. They’re quick and easy to change like @Innocentbystander said and they also don’t require precision aligning like the poly belts. Literally just slap a new one on and check your tension and go back to work. The Innocent One must be getting slow in his golden years because I could probably knock it out in a minute and 45 seconds if I was in a rush.

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I’ll have to look up the process of changing them and keep a few spare belts in the truck just in case.

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Pull spark plug wires, Take 4 bolts of the belt guard. Loosen 4 bolts under pump, loosen tension bolt, install two belts then every thing in reverse. And I am getting older.


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