Which is more important; brand or component parts?

I want to make the smartest investment in equipment. Everyone seems to have a favorite brand of machine and I am wondering if the overall brand matters as much as the manufacturer of the components (pump, motor, etc). Any input or opinions?

Both matter when you think about it. Its like comparing a commercial mower(SCAG) to a residential mower(Murray) when you compare some brands in the Powerwash Industry. Components are an important factor & the better brands usually have better components as well. To get the best what I did is put together my own pressurewashers with oversize Kohler Engines, Largo Burners, larger pumps, much stronger frames, over sized gas tanks etc so I can get exactly what I want.

Thank you, John. I hadn’t even considered building a customized machine. Looks like I have some more research ahead of me.

Just go with this little guy and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Top quality components, turn-key unit, no guesswork, great supplier to work with. (It’s also available in belt drive)


I was planning on building one myself with all of the same components (Zeromatic unloader though) and I found that this pre-assembled unit was actually a little bit cheaper that piecing one together myself!


Sorry…this link should work.